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  • When I first did it I got 0%! They said they thought I hate people! This is NOT true. Then I changed one of my answers and I got 25%. I do not know what I was expecting, but some stuff you said was vary offending. Just because I don't really love large crowds and don't have any REAL friends does NOT mean I hate people. After all, my family is my best friends AND we are a large crowd ourselves! LOL! I'm only 10 years old, and I am the oldest of soon 6 (my Mommy is going to have a baby!) children!

  • 0%! I am 0% a people person. I'm not used to being around people, because i'm very different. You can't even call me unique. 10/10!

  • 50% fair enough. I'm not all that sociable bt I don't mind being round the family x

  • im not a people person but I like that . I like being by myself doing my own thing.

  • 50....i really think i diserve less


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