Are YOU a People Person

You probably have an idea as to whether you are a social butterfly or a lonely tom cat, but this quiz can help you in that decision. This quiz may not be accurate according to you, but I think it is 100% correct!

This awesomely spectacular original quiz is just for fun, something to laugh about, don't go beating yourself up about it! If you are worried about your social life then look online for some helpful hints.

Created by: I.A
  1. What is your ideal Friday Night like?
  2. How popular are you?
  3. Out of the choices below, which setting are you most comfortable in?
  4. What are people most likely to describe you as?
  5. What are you doing during a conversation going on among your friends?
  6. What is your style?
  7. How busy is your schedule?
  8. How do you feel around other people?
  9. How are you around strangers?
  10. Do you make plans with other people (like asking a friend if they want to go to the movies)
  11. Do you like my quiz? (How you answer is a clue to whether you are a people person or not)
  12. Why are you taking this quiz?

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