Do you know koopastar?

There are many many great people in the world, but few are known at all. People are seen differently to other men and women. But what can a certain person to be known to you. Someone who ain't nasty nor stupid. But totally great! Try to find out.

Do YOU know cool people? Do you have the right attitude to see threw just ONE great person? Well you can find out here. Only a few questions based on one person that you may see...wronge. Hehe!

Created by: Kajune
  1. What's koopastar's gender?
  2. What is koopastar intrested in?
  3. Which is koopastar's favorite band or musician?
  4. Which one of these Characters is koopastar's favourite?
  5. Who belongs to koopastar?
  6. How old is koopastar's Kris?
  7. Which is koopastar's Personal Quote?
  8. Does koopastar have a brother?
  9. What do people call koopastar?
  10. Turles : Last question weak souls! What I am currently used by koopastar as?

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Quiz topic: Do I know koopastar?