Earth, Fire, Air, and Water

They are many differnt people in the world. Calm, Powerful, Demanding, and Respectful. Everyone is different, not every one gets along. Water people dont get along with fire people so well, but water and air people tend to be the best of friends.

Are you are Earth person? A Fire person? A Air person? A Water person? Take my quiz an find out. It also tells you which colors look best on you. It doesnt cost and doesnt take long, so you have no reason not to try it.

Created by: Sage Camille
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  1. On a Saturaday afternoon what would you rather be doing?
  2. Which color do you like best
  3. You are standing in line to get coffee, a guy steps in front of you right before you step up to order. You....
  4. Which guy would you rather you go out with? (guys sorry, please pretend you are a girl for this one.)
  5. People mostly tell you...
  6. Which relationship would you rather have or be in?
  7. You are invited to a party( a good party) what would you most likely do?
  8. Which you you rather watch?
  9. Which animal do you like best out of these four?
  10. Which clothes are mostly in your closet?

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