Abandoned but not alone#1

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Created by: Falconheart

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  1. okay first I'll tell you about werewolves and the truth about us. First of all WE DONT change at the full moon we can change whenever we want to :D. Second we eat humans... Not animals, Ya I know sick, but we have to survive. Third we make packs like any regualr wolf or dog would do and that's about it. If you have any questions
  2. You look around your senses fill with human scents, your mouth waters as your sharp green gaze tried to pick up any strays. You soon spot a grown man wandering by himself, your hunting scents takes over and you crouch down and stalk forward till your near enough the human man. Leaping you crash into him and start eating him alive your teeth rip him to shreds. Feeling satisfied you swipe your tounge over your jaws and start to turn back to your empty shed.
  3. You turn back into a human, your spine straightens and your legs come unbend out of a crouch your paws start to form into a hand and fingers. Your claws start to retract into nails and your fur falls out, your hair grows back long with your blonde highlights and brown. Your eyes flutter as you look around. You look down and notice you need clothes, you sprint upstairs and throw on..
  4. You walked out side and started to pick vegetables and fruit. Your sharp senses pick up another wolf scent... No there was more than one, there was two. You drop your supplies of food in a basket and quickly pick up the basket and run inside locking the wooden door. You put the basket down and look outside to see two bulky wolves slithering out of the bushes and into the yard. One of the wolves had light brown fur and black streaks and the other wolf had silver and brown fur. The two wolves seperated and started to circle the house. You quickly took your clothes off (so you don't rip new clothes) and changed into a werewolf. Your long ears perked and you raised your muzzle to the air. (Oh yes werewolves can read thoughts and send people thoughts) you search for the brown silver one and start to search his mind. (His thoughts) 'oh boy I really don't want to do this but this is for her own good' you stop reading his mind and decide to send him a message, ~why are you doing this?!~ you sent him. You felt him stop and a wave of astonishment sent threw him but he sent you a message, ~it's for your own good so... Just come out and don't make this to hard for us~ anger rose up in you as you quickly sent him a hate message, ~no way! I'm not going down without a fight!~ you leap out of the window and crash into him. The wolf was rigid with shock but gently tried to bat you off of him. You, not so gently, threw him against a tree and started growling threatening words at him. The wolf bowed his head but stood by the tree looking past your shoulder. You looked back but it was to late, you totally forgot about his buddy that went around the other way. He knocked you over and clamped your scruff in his jaws. The other wolf came and nudged you along as they fought their way back to their den. (By the way you didn't faint or any of that nonsense)
  5. As they drag you along, you start to thrash around wildly kicking out your hind legs at the Silver brown wolf. The silver brown wolf started to hang back a bit so he didn't get struck. The wolf that was dragging you along started to get annoyed as you nipped at his heels. You finally gave up nipping and you clamped your jaws on his leg forcefully. You heard a loud crack and the wolf let go in shock and howled in pain. You started to flee and run away from the silver brown one. He speed up and caught up to you. Leaping he tumbled you over and pinned you down to the ground forcefully. You started to wiggle under his grasp. "Would you stop it already? You broke my friends leg and now your trying to flee, were only trying to help!" You growl deeply, "I don't need your help, I was doing great on my own!" You snap, your hind legs kick out under his belly and you send him flying off of you. You pad over to him, "see im capable of being a lone wolf, I don't need any weaklings helping me out!" This seemed to piss him off, as he tackled you and swiped you outside the head with his paw. You got knocked out and you felt your self being dragged over the soft springy grass.
  6. You wake up and your vision is fuzzy you look down and see that you are lying in a soft King sized bed. You vision clears and you take a clear look at the room, there were bright blue walls with dark furniture placed around. You look down and see that you still have paws. 'Guess I didn't change out of my werewolf form...' You think silently to yourself. When you get up and stretch you see that there is a teenage boy in your room. He has dirty blonde hair and tan skin. He has just the right amount of muscles and is sleeping soundly in a chair. You sit down and start to look around with a bored expression clear in your face. You decide to explore so you try to pry the door open... locked. You see a window by the boys head. You pad over and leap onto the sturdy cement window sill and you open the window latch and push it open with your muzzle. It opened but squeaked loudly, you fell over on to the floor and whimpered as the ringing in your ears won't go away. "So I see your trying to escape?" You hear a smooth warming voice. The boy that you saw sleeping looked at you with a laughing expression plastered on his face. His eyes were a light brown with hints of line green. You snarl and send him an angry thought, ~get me out of here you b----, or I'll snap your neck!~ the boy laughed even more, ~haha just try!~ you get up slowly and realize that your knees go weak and you buckle under your own weight. ~what's happenig?!~ the boy now had a pity look in his eyes. ~you haven't eaten in three weeks~ you lay your head on your paws too weak to move or even change back to human. Your breathing slows as you look up at him, ~why am I even here?~ he sat down next to you, ~sorry can't tell you that but I can tell you my name!~ you grunt and look at him, ~my names Noah and yours is?~ you reply with one word,~Charlotte.~
  7. You sense there is someone dwaddling at the door so you tell them to come in. They open the door and peek in, he had a bandage wrapped around his leg as he slowly made his way in. The boy looked at you, "remember this guy, you broke his leg, remember?" You cast a look at your paws, "yes I remember it all to well." You seem to growl. You look at him and say, "sorry," in a mumbling voice. He cast you a long look and nods his head, "it's alright, as long as you don't do it again." You sigh and weakly return to staring at the wall. Noah patted your head, you couldn't help but read his thoughts since they were so loud. 'Wow she's already hot as a wolf wonder what she'll look like as human!' You tilt your head and give him a questioning look, he seemed to blush turning his head away. The boy coughed and hobbled in with something in a bag. "Erm Tristan (the silver and brown wolf that caught you) hunted this for you since he thought you may be hungry." You sniff at the bag that he placed at your paws. "Thanks, what's your name by the way?" He look startled but said, "my names Tod." He quickly walked/hobbled out and closed the door behind him. Noah opened the bag for you and you instantly began to tear into the human meat that he left for you. Your strength seemed to flow back as you got up and padded around swiftly. You hopped into the closet and changed into human you put on some clothes of your choose and headed out. Noah looked at you with his eyes wide open, "jeez I know I don't look as good as most times but you don't have to make that face." Noah shook his head, "no you look B-B-Beautiful."
  8. You finally pursraded Noah to let you go out of the room but he told he that he'd have to follow you around so you don't get lost or try to escape. 'Stalker,' you thought aloud. Noah laughed and punched you in the arm softly but you punched him in the shoulder not as softly. He held his arm but seemed to have a gleaming victory in his eyes. You two walk around silently as you look into different rooms. Some rooms You couldn't go into because other people owned them or they were just locked. You got bored and walked down stairs. You saw a blonde haired boy at a table reading something while scribbling notes down on a notepad. "Hello?" You say aloud. Noah looks at you, ~thas Tristan.~ you nod your head and see that the boy called Tristan was staring at you wide eyed. His eyes had a deep sea blue in them with Rays of magenta mixed with the blue. "Erm your awake." You nod your head awkwardly, "Yep." Noah leads you down and you sit next to him looking across the table at Tristan. You finally blurt out, "im sorry!" He looked confused, "for what?" You shake your head, "for being a pain in the butt on the way here." Tristan smiled showing off cute dimples, "it was pretty funny afterwards when Tods leg healed up." You smile a little, "okay, I promise that I won't break his leg again." Tristan nods his head, "okay deal."
  9. Tod quickly limped into the room and sat beside Tristan. "Hey, can we go for a hunt? I'm starving," Tod looked around eagerly and he rested his intense eager gaze on you. "Charlotte can come to, she looks like she needs to stretch her legs." You shift uncomftorably and nod your head. Tristan looks at Noah, "what'd you think?" Noah looks at you, "I think we should go for a hunt, but someone is going to have to watch over her." He gestured towards you. Stifling a growl you glare at Noah, "I don't need a babysitter!" You snap sharply at him. "Ya I know you don't. But we need to look out for danger incase they come while your busy hunting." "Okay then I'll go with her!" Tod spoke up, everyone looked at him astonished, "well all right..." Tristan started. You got up quickly and went to your room to take your clothes off so you can change to a wolf. You pad downstairs to see Tristan as the silver brown wolf, Tod as the light brown furred wolf with black streaks, and Noah as a deep black wolf. You looked at your snowy white fur and felt embarresed. You probably looked like a weakling compared to the three strong handsome wolves in front of you.
  10. While out hunting, and Tod stalking you, you find a stray little girl In the deep part of the woods. Her light blonde, almost white hair, danced on her shoulders as she twirled around. Unable to bring yourself to attack her (your not starving so your instincts don't kick in that bad) you walk in front of her. You don't know what your doing but you feel like you should be nice to this girl... She seems almost lost. The girl stopped dancing and looked at you puzzled, "are you here to bring me home wolfey?" You bark a yes and lay down next to the child, Tod comes running out his paws thrumming hard on the ground. He growls at you, "what are to doing? You should be eating her not playing with her!" You shrug and you feel the girl get on top of your shoulders. "She's already a werewolf. And she's alone with no family." Your mind whirls, you remember a day like this to well, when your parents abandoned you because they thought you were a "freak!" They wanted a normal kid not some psycho werewolf. You hold back tears and you feel the little girl clinging onto a tuft of fur so she doesn't fall off. "Tod comes up and sniffs the girl, "your right." He grunts as the girl bops his nose with a small hand.
  11. You tell Tod to watch the girl so you can hunt. Your senses kick in at once when you see a women hanging out by the stream. You stalk her slowly, you get close enough so you bowl into her eating her alive. You dismiss her wails for help as you leave no remains of her left. Padding back while licking your jaws you see the girl and Tod playing with each other. The girl would run around Tod while trying to catch his tail. Tod would slowly try to get his tail out of the way but on purpose would let her win. You trot towards them happily. You nudge the girl with your head gently. She would squeal with delight and climb on top of your back. You head back home with Tod watching the werewolf girl so she wouldn't fall over. "I wanna stay with wolfey!" She repeated again for the fifth time, "you can stay with us." You chuckle as she played with your ears.
  12. Well I'm going to stop here plz rate or comment if you liked it or not! I will be making a second one if I get enough rates or comments on it.
  13. Right, last quistion, who do you like the most!!??

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