4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save (part 2)

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Hey people! Welcome back to the creations of Violalover! Sorry it took forever, I really am! I saw all the new story quizzes comeing out and they inspired me to work on this =) So you probably won't remember what happened last time, so read the next paragraph for a lovely recap! Oh yeah, you learned latin in middle school, it was required. That doesn't make any sence now, but, just read the quiz!

You hear Ashton shout from somewhere to come get food, and you follow Tyler to the stairs when you feel a pain split your head. You drop to your knees and scream. "___________!" Tyler yells! You can hear feet pounding up the stairs until you're pulled into the mind of your sister...

Created by: _ViolaLover_

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  1. You hear Ashton shout from somewhere to come get food, and you follow Tyler to the stairs when you feel a pain split your head. You drop to your knees and scream. "___________!" Tyler yells! You can hear feet pounding up the stairs until you're pulled into the mind of your sister... you were laying on the ground, right next to the wall you were just slammed into. You weakly lifted a hand and touched the back of your head, and brought it around for you to see. Blood, that's not good. Wait a minute...something wasn't right. '_____?' 'Hey sis,' '______! You need to get out of my mind before they bring in the mind reader! He'll be here any minute!' "Get up,!" A voice snarled. Caitlin glanced up and flinched. Kara (Sorry if that's your name!) was standing over her. "Tell me where ______ is now!" "Now now Kara, that's really not a good way to interigate the sister of my future bride." Caitlin's eyes widened. 'He said I'm his WHAT?' 'His future bride? I don't know!' A boy about your age strolled out of the shadows, where he had been leaning against the wall. He was tall, dark, handsom, and evil. His hair was shaggy and chocolate brown, but his eyes, oh his eyes, they were blood red. Caitlin shuddered. "What do you mean, future bride?" you herd her ask. He placed a hand on her head and she flinched again, but he kept his hand there. He...healed her? "Wow, you really are clueless, aren't you? The one, who is your sister, has to marry someone to become the ruler of this kingdom. And if she marry's me, then our side wins." Caitlin's eyes got bigger, if that was even possible. "Or we could just kill her," suggested Kara. Caitlin finally got a good look at her. She had short red hair and green eyes. She was short, but somehow she carried a intimidating air. "Or that," he said mildly. 'Well, that's not good,' you thought. His eyes locked on her face. "What did you say?" "No-nothing!" 'Oh shoot, wrong answer Caitlin! I got to get out of here!' "________! She's in your mind?!" You started tuning out this conversation as you tried to get back to your own mind. It was fading out, and you could see a new face, Bailey...
  2. *Bailey's POV* You were walking right next to ________ when all of a sudden she dropped to her knees, held her head and screamed. "_________!" Tyler had shouted, and you could hear the other guys running toward you now. You fell to your knees in front of ________, and watched as her eyes unfocused, it didn't look like she was with you anymore. "What's wrong?!" Ashton shouted, running in with his apron and frying pan. Sam and Jared ran up the stairs and jerked to a stop when they saw _______ shaking on the floor. "I don't know! She just screamed and fell down!" Tyler said worredly. "Do you guys remember how she told us that she could she through her sibling's eyes when they are in pain?" you asked them. They nodded. "That's what's happening I think." Their eyes widened. Jared strolled over and picked up ________, and carried her to your room. He set her down on her bed, and stepped back. You crossed over and knelt down in front of her. "________, come on, you need to come back. ________," you tried to coax her. She blinked and stared at you...
  3. You stared into Bailey's blue eyes, then clamped a hand over your mouth and streaked to the bathroom. She held your hair as you were vilently sick. Uhg, this is what happens when you see blood. You sat back faintly and saw the guys hovering in the door. You raised an eyebrow. "What, you've never seen a sick person before?" This brought a faint smile out of Bailey. "Are you alright?" she asked. "What happened?" You grimiced, your eyes hardened. "Someone is torturing my sister, trying to figure out where I am. Of course she doesn't know anything, but it didn't stop. Some girl named Kara slammed her into the wall, I think it cracked her skull. But then some guy with brown hair and really creepy red eyes healed her, and then said something about me being his future bride, so he could get the throne. Well, then Kara suggested they could just kill me." You shuddered, and looked at your friends' wide eyes. "But then he read my sister's mind and relised there was someone there, I don't think he knew it was me while I was there, but he probably knows it was me now."
  4. "Who was he? And what did he mean his 'future bride'?" You ask the guys. Sam scratches the back of his head and says, "Um, well...we didn't quite tell you everything..." You and Bailey just stared at him. He sighs, "Come, lets go somewhere more comfertable." He strode out of the bathroom, the other guys following him. You muttered to Bailey in latin "Didn't explain it all, it's dealing with MY life!" She grimaced at you, replying in latin "I know, how about we go find out what this is all about?" She held out a hand to you and helped you to your feet. You followed her down the stairs and into the living room.
  5. As you entered the the living room, you couldn't help but notice that Sam's, Jared's, and Ashton's eyes followed Bailey to the couch. You felt a pang of jealousy, which suprised you greatly. You've gotten used the fact that Bailey is more pretty than you a long time ago, AND you hardly know these guys. Why should you care what they think? But you do... You focus back on Sam, who was speaking. "______, we're the princes of Taldrizel, and the Chosen One is supposed to marry one of us, it is supposed to be the last thing that brings peace to the people." you were stiff in shock. You stared out the window, that one word bouncing around in your head. MARRY, Marry, marry... Bailey was outraged. "MARRY ONE OF YOU? SHE'S 16! THAT'S WAY TO YOUNG TO GET MARRIED!" Ashton piped up now. "Typically girls here are married at 16, she's not to young." Bailey glared at him and Tyler murmered "If looks could kill..." She ignored him. "Well that's not how WE were raised! She is to young!" You spoke up at last. "SHE is sitting right here, and she can speak for herself." You put a hand wearily to your head. "If that's how it must be, i guess we can't change it. We aren't going to get anywhere by arguing." You got up and left-heading toward the music room you saw earlier- leaving silence behind you.
  6. When you get to the music room, you pick up a guitar and settle in the window seat. You close your eyse, trying to remember the chords to the song you wrote for Bailey when her family died, Supporting You. You begin to play, and as you do pictures flash across your mind. The funeral, Bailey's face, you helping her get back to normal. Then moving past Bailey, you remember the last time you saw your dad, your mom, your brother, the explosian, Tyler looking down on you, and Caitlin being tortured. You hear someone coming in the room, but you continue until the last chord. You stare out the window as you hear Tyler say "That was amazing." You look at him skeptically. "It's true," he insists. "Thanks." "Are you okay?" he asks softly. You shrug, "I've been better," you scoot over so he can sit as well. There's a silence, but it doesn't feel awkward to you. "I'm sorry," Tyler suddenly bursts. You look up at him, supprised. "Sorry? For what?" "For everything. For your family, for my friends, that you've been dragged into this, for everything." You smile at him, "Thanks." You ponder something for a moment. "Tyler, when I first woke up, you were the only one by me, the others were by Bailey. Why weren't you with her as well?" He pauses to think for a second. "Well, they all thought Bailey was the Chosen One, but I thought it was you. You seemeed to have an air of kindness about you, the way you smiled even in your sleep. Besides, I think you're beautiful." You're blushing now, starind down at your hands. There was another peaceful silence. You look up at him and say "Thank you." Now it's his turn to look supriseed. "For what?" "Everything." You kiss his cheek and get up. You put the guitar away, and start to leave. Your last glimpse of Tyler was him smiling, looking out the window.
  7. You walk up to your room and find Bailey frowning at the walls. "Hey Bailey, what's wrong?" "It's to white in here." You laugh, typical Bailey. There was a knock at the door. You turned to see Sam, Jared, and Ashton with a TON of paint. "We thought you might like this," Sam says, setting down his load. "Don't worry about the beds or carpet, it's magical paint so it will color them but it won't ruin them," Ashton says, him and Jared setting down their paint. They leave, and you and Bailey grin at eachother. You open up the lime green paint, your guy's favorite color. You start painting. You paint the baseboards brown, and you paint your bedspread brown and green dotted. Wanting to keep similar styles, you paint your bathroom blue and brown. By the time you're done, several hours have gone by. You and Bailey smile at eachother, exhausted. You smell someething good wafting from downstairs, so you put away the paint and follow your noses.
  8. You reach the dining room, and see that Ashton's placeing *insert your favorite meal here* on the table. The other guys come in, and you have a wonderful dinner, lauging and joking with eachother. You get up to help clear the table, and Bailey offers to help Ashton with the dishes. Normally you would help, but you're aleep on your feet. You also can't help but notice three of the guy's expressions, Ashton's gloating, and Sam's and Jared's jealouse. You shake it off and head up stairs. Just as you reach the top, you hear glass shattering and Bailey screaming.
  9. I'm sorry people, but I have to leave it there. My show is about to come on, and it waits for no one! Sorry it took so long, but I'll try to get the next one out sooner!
  10. so...yeah

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