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  • OMG! THIS IS BRILLIANT! Make part 3 soon! Oh, i can guess what you're going to put. Tyler is the only one who likes you, and the others don't, so i bet something between you and tyler happence! ;) Oh, what about Bailey gets hit by a ugly curse by your future husband, and the other three don't like her. Ok that's not really realistic, so what about Bailey is kidnapped, or you start to sleepwalk, and because you are so jelous, you kill Bailey! ;) Oh, i didn't know i could speak latin! CEREBRUM i optima est semper accipitur? (Work that out! ;)) MAKE PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't mind Bailey is getting the other guys' makes it kind of more realistic than all the guys fussing over me :P I got Jared for my result and he sounds like a shallow idiot

  • ....... MAKE PART 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously i mean ur the best writer!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! and i agree with KaliaRox! Tyler should get married with the (main character!!!) other then if u luv evil or the evil guy puts a spell on u so.....never mind!!!! hey and what is the main characters other powers????????? (im hope ing for teleportation and manifesting!!!).... .. this is how i imagine it: me: i look exactly like kristen stewart but with blonde hair. Bailey: looks exactly like Megan Fox but with blue blue eyes.... and im still deciding for the guys.......omg i talk too much....... me piece out!

  • I only care for TYLER*GASP*He was the nicest!The other guys are shallow jerks!-no offense that just how it seems,darn,why is Bailey so dang pretty!-

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE PART 3!!!! And 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8... etc. ;D I love your quizzes! These are great! And I totally agree with Kalia; Tyler is the best! :)

  • That was better than AMAZING I just LOVED it going to read the next one right now

  • LOVED IT!! :D

  • @Kalia Yeah, that's how I'm trying to make them look for right now, glad it's working!

  • DUDE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for part 3!

  • Tylers mine :D PART 3

    Xx 3mo_Star xX

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