To Tell the Truth is to Lie

You're a girl in high school. You have problems dealing with your brother in the morning, but you manage to make it to school anyway. This is your offical second day of school since you moved!

This is the girls' version so boys please wait until I get your part out! Which won't be long, I pre-wrote it in school yesterday xD. Girls who are lesbian, please take the boys' quiz, not the girls'. So you can get female dating options. Oh yeah, opposite for you homosexual boys! So Gays, select the quiz POV opposite of your gender so you can get your perfered dating options. :)

Created by: StarRaven44
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  1. You moan and turn to your side, throwing a spare pillow at your screaming clock. After a few minutes of annoyed shut-eye, you sense your door opening. You tilit your head and see your brother. You glare at him, "Anyone ever tell you to knock before entering a lady's room?" He laughs at your reaction, "Like you're a lady!"
  2. "The way you partied last night." He continues, his blue-green eyes shining in humor. You roll your eyes at him and slump your head back onto your pillow. "C'mon! Get up!" He yells at you. You drag the pillow from your nightstand and chuck it at him. It hits him right in the face!
  3. Suddenly, a pain strikes you in the head. Right behind your right eyeball. You react by rubbing your temple and shutting your eyes closed. "You okay?" He says, you can clearly hear the concern in his voice. You nod in reply and the pain goes away just as quickly as it came.
  4. You get up, throwing your sheets off of you and close your door right in his face. "I need to get dressed!" You say through the closed door. You turn around, to your dresser. You throw your pajamas off as you pick out...
  5. You put on whatever your choice was and open your door. Of course your brother wasn't going to be a creeper and wait outside your door, so he's gone. But you think you see a shadow of a cat, however, you don't own a cat. You shrug it off and head downstairs. Where your breakfast awaits! Your mom has gone to work early again today, but had prepared you and your brother breakfast. Pancakes, toast, orange juice, one egg, and bacon. On both plates. Your brother is already sitting at the table, chowing down on his egg. You glance at the clock, 7:12 AM. You're late for high school! You take the two peices of toast and hurry off to your bus stop. Your brother is usually late for school, so you won't be seeing him there until later. At the bus stop you see the only other guy at the bus stop.
  6. As he gets closer you can make out his appearence. Flippy blond hair, forest green eyes, a curious look in his eyes, a black shirt and boy skinny jeans. When he sees you, he smiles and that makes him even more attractive. "Hi, my name is Justin." He says, and you reply with your name, "I'm ____."
  7. You both firmly shake each other's hand, and he's the one to start up friendly convocation. You answer his questions polietly until the school bus comes. He sits with another girl who waves to him so you sit all by yourself in the one-sitter in the back! From a fist glance, you only noticed that the girl had shiny and curly red hair.
  8. The ride went by pretty quickly since you were off in your own little world. When the bus releases you, you walk into the big school. Lots of different people going in different directions. Clueless on where to go,you go to the room that says in obvious letters, "Guidence". In guidence you're forced to sit next to another boy.
  9. He looks over to you, with pretty brown eyes. "Hi." He says happily, that was unexpected of him. "Hi.." You shyly reply. "I haven't seen you around here before, you're new?" He asks and you nod. You did move here over the weekend. It's been the second day of school for you here, it's been troublesome to make friends while you're still loosing/learning your scheduele. "Wanna be my friend? I'm Chris." You giggle a bit on the inside, "Sure, I'm ____." "Nice to meet you, ____!"
  10. After you get your scheduele, Chris decides to walk you to your classes. "So, do you know anyone here yet?" You shake your head, then think for a moment, then nod. "Oh yeah? Who shall they be?" He jokes. "My brother and a guy named Justin." You say with a smile. He scowles as you say Justin's name. "Justin...?" He says, as if to make sure. You tilt your head in question. You wonder why Chris has something against Justin. "What?" You finally say as Chris doesn't proceed to explain. "It's just that..."

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