zombie loadout quiz

this is really a quiz on what you should do during a zombie Invasion. this is short version. long version will be out some time after summer. this is my quiz and i do not really care if it has flaws in it. because it is the short version.

are you a true survivor? to do you have the brains that a zombie will never get it magget infested hands on. can you survive till the zombies die of hunger?.

Created by: Austen

  1. You are at a gunstore during a class 4 outbreak. you can only grab 1 gun from the store and alot of ammo.
  2. You are at a Gardening shop when suddenly hundreds of retarded zombies come down the street. what would be the best tool of garden destruction to use against these zombies.
  3. you are at walmart when one of the employes ramdomly bite your arm. after fighting him off you learn that he's a zombie. whats the best thing to with your new undead arm.
  4. what armor would best protect you from a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK.
  5. A zombie outbreak happens and you are at your house completly unprepared. what should you do!.
  6. you are at a car shop when a zombie comes in and eats the manager. then the zombie randomly takes off, leaving you with a bunch of keys. what car/truck would you take.
  7. you have a flat bed truck, and you are at a storage place full of water and dryed out foods. what should you do with it.
  8. you and 2 other survivers are at a fortified position. but you are running low on ammo and supplies. what should you do.
  9. you are trapped in an alley way with 50 zombies coming at you from the only escape route. what should you do.
  10. You see acouple of people in a house about 60 feet away. and it seems that they are being attacked by a large horde of zombies. what should you do.

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