Zombie Knowlage Quiz

A basic zombie fact quiz that you can kill some time and or zombies with. (Not the super hard quizes that geeks search 5 hours on the internet to find 10 dozen questions.)

Can you Surive the Zombie invasion. Well this might just possibly be the quiz for you!(if you don't know already) Can you beat my score of 101%. I THOUGHT NOT. Hahahahaha!

Created by: LtMcMuffinz

  1. What is the most efficient way to kill a zombie?
  2. Would creating a bunker and holding the zombies of be a good idea?
  3. How long would it take before you can stop worrying about zombies?
  4. Do you have a zombie survival plan?
  5. How many people would you have in a Zombie survival group?
  6. Do zombies eat brains only?
  7. What are zombies closely related to?
  8. Can dead bodies be infected?
  9. Is it good to be trained in firearms during the zombie invasion?
  10. Can animals get infected?
  11. What type if weapon is best against zombies?

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