Will You Survive A Zombie Apocolipse?

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Are you smart enough to beat a zombie invasion? People think, but they die... the sad truth, we will die if a zombie ever walks the face of the earth.

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  1. It was a normal Friday morning, you get up to get ready for work/ school, you hear groaning and a knock on the door... What do you do?
  2. The Women (Now has a Identified gender) Bursts through the window and knocks you down. There are some objects on the floor, Witch one do you use to defend!
  3. After you hit her she falls down, you realize her flesh is rotting and her bones are more fragile, you think for a moment and realize she is a zombie! What is your reaction?
  4. You see a rundown town that you once knew... One of your friends ran at the door, He/ She says, "LET ME IN!" You let your buddie in, what question do you ask him?
  5. He tells you everything he knows, he doesn't remember a lot, because he hit his head. He says he saw Sadey somewhere (Your true love)though and she said she has a shelter near her house. What do you do?
  6. Your friend talks you in to going. When you arrive you see her house, some zombies where around. Where could her shelter be, where do we look first?
  7. You find the shelter door to find only Sadey sitting eating some lunch, soup. She is delighted to see new people! And you! What is you first action in the shelter.
  8. Everyone was sitting doing there own thing, until the radio came on with great news! The military is coming in an hour! What do you do!
  9. Everyone goes outside to see if the military has come, they didn't yet, But dinner was about to come soon, because you where surrounded by a hoard of zombies, thousands! What do you do!
  10. Before you get your guts torn through your mouth, there is the military chopper ahead. They come and get us, but Sadey and your friend slip, you are in the sky and over the zombies, you can't pull them both up... what do you do?!
  11. You drop Sadey/ your friend. The person you saved tries to comfort you, it doesn't help... you lost a friend. You notice a bite mark on them, they start to twitch, He/ She is turning into a zombie what do you do?
  12. How did you enjoy the quiz! Hope you guys survive! These questions will not do anything to your score, How did you Enjoy The Quiz - Vance

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive A Zombie Apocolipse?