Zmrazení (Part one)

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OK As you migh know, many people are making love stories about vampires or in high school. Or soap oparas about many things. Thee nothing wrong with that though! But no its time fo some thing diffrent. A horror story! You ready?

Abby and her friend Morgan were just like any kids now. But after the incident in Alaska a few days ago, the whole world has taken a turn for the worst! An alien empire has come to take over the world. Now its up to Abby and Morgan to save the world!

Created by: Wolfeyes77

  1. OK, just to warn you, this is going to be a kind of scary story, so grave a flashlight, hide under a blanket, turn the lights off and injoy :)
  2. *fades into a 7 year old girl peering around a corner, eyes wide, shaking a bit, face red from crying. She is looking at an alien. It has purple skin, thick purple antennas, large red eyes with black 8's in them, and a green 'dress thing' around them. It's about the hight of a 12 year old girl.* The girl hid behind the corner. She couldn't let it see her, or she will turn out like the other people around. One the alien looks at them, and the have eye contact, even for a breaf moment, they will freeze up and burn in a purple firey blast. The girl remembered her mom's words, "Run to the river, once your there, there will be someone who will help" She took a deep breath and ran while the alien wasn't looking. While she was looking at the alien, she tripped over a rock and fell face first on the snowy ground. The alien turned around and looked at her. She saw the eyes looked at her and tried to shut them. But she could feel the ice flowing threw her. She let out a blood curtling scream burned up in a firey purple blaze. Everything turns black.
  3. Abby is sitting on the couch watching TV. Her cell phone in hand. She yawns boardly when her phone buzzes. She looks at it and it's from her friend Morgan, it says 'Hey, Did you hear about what happened in that small town in Alaska yesterday?' Abby scraches her neck and responds, 'No, what happened?' A little while later she gets her responce, 'This alien thing was killing a bunch of people. When they would meet eyes, it would seem to parilize them, then they would burn up in a purpley explosive thing' 'Wow' Abby responded, 'I sure hope that dosen't come here' 'Ya' Morgan responed. Abby got up and went to the fridge, she looked inside and got a can of Mountian Dew, then shut the door. She cracked open the can and went to sit down. Suddenly the sky was pitch black when she sat down. Abby looked outside confused, then at the clock, `only 2:03` she thought. Suddenly there was a large white light that pearced threw the sky, it lit up the land like a thousand suns. Abby gasped and hid behind the wall.
  4. Suddenly there was a loud crash.The lamp fell off of the table and landed next to her with a loud 'crash'. Abby screamed and scooted away. She peeked out the window a bit and saw four aliens coming out of a large jet-like space ship. She saw a small dog barking at them, one of the aliens opened its eyes and looked at it. Suddenly the dog froze up and then burned up in a purply blaze. Abby put her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. She scooted away from the window and ran to the back. She lived in the city so there would be lots of houses. That could be good or bad. She swung open the back door and ran out. Abby looked in the back yard, she took a rake and a garbage can cover and ran. She jumped over the fence and landed in the neighbor's yard. She saw someone run, then get vaporize. Abby jumped into one of the large bushes that were lying aroud and creeped across to get to Morgan's house. Eventuly she got to her fence. She slowly and carefuly crept out of the bush. Abby put her hand on the fence. She put her foot on the side and suddenly she heard foot steps and 'voices' behide her.
  5. Abby quickly dove behind a large stone next to the fence. She peeked through a small whole in the stone. She saw what looked like an alien. Similar to the ones that were attacking the small town in Alaska. She prayed that they wouldn't see her. The antennas twitched and it walked on. She sighed in relief. She was just about to get up when it returned. Abby must have sighed a little too loud! She hid behind the stone and waited for it to go. Abby squeezed her eyes as tight as she could. The rock moved a bit as the alien bumped into it. The large thin stone squashed her finger a bit and she yelped. The alien jumped on the rock, causing it to smash more. Abby tried to get up, but it was too much. She opened her eyes and saw a shiny trash can cover in front of her. She used her foot to scoot it over. When it was close enough, she picked it up and put the thin side on her head, causing the alien to look at it's self, causing it to freeze up, and soon desinigrate. Abby took a few deep breaths and staggered up. She soon heard a voice, "Abby? Are you still there?" "Ya, Morgan, is that you?" Abby called holding her finger. "It is! Oh Abby I was hoping that it wasn't you who burnt up" Abby and Morgan were now standing next to each other. "I think I broke my finger" Abby said showing Morgan her finger. "Oooh, Come with me, I have something that can fix that." Morgan said motioning Abby to her house. Abby got up and followed her.
  6. Abby was in Morgan's house, and she was taping up Abby's finger. "So" Abby was saying when Morgan was done, "How come when we look at the aliens, we freeze and burn up, but when they look at each other, they stay the same?" Morgan thought for a moment and then said, "They probably have something that they activate to kill people. How did the one that was by you die?" "I just made it see its self" Abby said scratching her wrist. "Hmm" Morgan thought out loud, "Maby it was waiting for you to look at it." "Could be" Abby said, Morgan was always smart. "So what are we going to do? There are tons of them out there! Do you think we can get a bunch of people to try to stop it?" "Maby, but for now we should stay here, just until it calms down a bit out there" "Calms down!" Abby said suprized, "There are aliens out there that are trying to wipe out the human race and you want us to just wait it out?" "Well, I don't know what we should do!" Morgan almost yelled, "My dad tried to fire a gun at one, but it just bounced off! He ended up getting killed!" Abby and Morgan didn't say anything after that.
  7. After a moment of silence, Morgan spoke up. "Maby if we use there own power agenst them, we can get rid of them!" "Ya!" Abby said kind of cheerfuly. "Put there is so many o rthem. How are wegona do it?" "Dummies!" Morgan almost yelled. "We can set outr a whole bunch of them with glass on them so it will bounce back at them!" "Yes, but one problem. Where are we gna get all the stuff we need?" Abby said to her. "The dump" Morgan said oviously. Abby nodded. They crept out the back yard and shrted creaping across the fence in the bushes. The streets were covered in purple ash. And the air smelt like burnt flesh. The both wrincled there noses. Finaly. They made it to the dump. It was loaded with stuff that they could use! They both looked at eachother and ran to get stuf.
  8. Abby picked up a pole and smashed the windows on an old junk car. The glass shaddered everywhere and the car alarm went off. "Abby!" Morgan almost yelled. Abby gave a scaired look as she picked up the glass and put it in the bucket. Then she ran off by Morgan. Morgan was standing by a pile of wood and scrap metal. She heard foot steps hehind her and he sighed. "Aby you have to be careful around here cause..." As Morgan turned around she was face to face with the purple skined alien. The last thing Morgan could say was an ear pearcing screach. "A shame tht all you humans have to expearince te see fait, but you will all pay for mesing with the Shlougl empire!" It said in an evil voice as Morgan dicinigrated into purple ash. Meinwhile Abby was whitnessing all of this. She almost cryed but she didn't. She squeezed her eyes shut and picked up a peice of glass and put it over her face. "Hey alien scum!" Abby yelled angerly "Get a peice of me!"
  9. The alien made a hissing noise and turned around. The alien saw its self in the glass and froze up. It made a noise that can't even be described. It didn't become purple ash like the humans but exploded into a bunch of sharp pin like objets. A few of them hit he glass Abby was holding and the glass shaddered all over face. The glass cut a large cut on the side of her eye. But a 'pin' got i there and stopped the blood flow and tuned the wound black. Abby gasped in pain and pressed her hands to her face. She sudenly heard Morgan's voice behind her say "Invincibiliy" Abby turned around with her hand still over h black wound. "What?" she asked. The ghostly image of Morgan smiled and pointed to te aliens marching quickly over to the spot where Abby stands. "They can't freeze you" and with that she was gone.
  10. OK stay tuned for part two :D Itshould be out one of these day :D Oh and I spelt a word wrong in the last answering spot Zmrazení isn't Cheiz for Freezing, its Czech. Sorry o////.\\\\o

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