Your sonic story part 3( true powers)

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This has been the test for the best I hope you all enjoy it and you will soon discover your secret power or ability It took me a few days to make so I rushed don't blame me

Any who good luck peeps and have fun plus at the end I think you'll enjoy it soo stay tuned in the next story and you'll be amazed at the next this lynx is out😼🎮👾

Created by: Nicole lynx

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  1. This is part three so if you didn't take the over two then plz take them thx
  2. As you rember in the last story you jumped up and disapeared and now the story continues
  3. "Alex?alex?!ALEX?!!!!"your furry fox friend tails screams looking for you!"tails I'm over in a dark area and I'm kinda scared!plus there is this flat wall that leads to more darkness and there are a buch of letters and numbers upside down! You said to tails! Just then his comeputer jumped it mucked a little
  4. Bang bang the CPU jumped again and next thing you know-
  5. Tails Looks to open the comeputer and you say "hey tails wow your huge well your skinny but I mean you just big-and I'm in a CPU ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  6. Tails: wait alex if your in there and no poshoin or anything like that that means!!! Alex:what it means what! Tails:your like nicole the holo lynx oh my gosh!!
  7. Tails: now this has to be your true power as a hedgehog each sonic charictar has a special ability even if it isn't a super power like sonic's
  8. Just then rotor and sonic dash in the room looking for you but tails shuts the comeputer.sonic says,"tails we have to find alex we figured out that she has-""the same powers as nicole the holo lynx," tails interrupts,"yeah how'd you kno?" Sonic then said pointed to you and then looked at each other then at rotor and they all had that same idea
  9. Then you come out of the CPU and say,"what?" Welcome my dear to freedom fighters academy,"rotor says,"there are a few classes but almost all the new recruites r there so your powers are awesome now get to class
  10. Sonic any way we just got to know a tad about ya
  11. To be continued Figure out Wich class best suits you for the freedom fighters

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Quiz topic: My sonic story part 3( true powers)