How well do u know teen titans new 52

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Hey peeps another geeky nerdy gamer quiz hosted bye yours truly nicole the holo lynx baby oh yeah so Any who this test is about to make your mind twist so make sure you read the first full five comics/graphic novels !!

I got part of the question I dead from a quiz called " do u know teen titans go" so I hope you enjoy and plz don't judge me if spelling is wrong lynx out😼👾🎮

Created by: Nicole lynx

  1. Ok for starters I'll take it easy but it gets harder as we go so don't blame me ok
  2. Who was the one who brought the teen titans together
  3. Wich issue dose super boy first appear
  4. What is the death of the family (issues #15-17) all about
  5. What were the names of ravens three brothers
  6. Who dose robin like in the new 52 series
  7. Who dose Miguel (aka bunker) like
  8. Who is Lilith
  9. Who dose skitter like
  10. Now we will have the titans ask a few questions
  11. Cassie: don't call me wonder girl or so help me my fist your face broken wall and skull
  12. Red robin:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............
  13. Beast boy :hey if your a lady out there call me
  14. Raven: my father will soon have your mortal soul
  15. Me: hey guys those didn't count on your score but these last few will
  16. Bunker:do you know who has a crush on me
  17. Kid flash:so how dose this work nic just text into this ok um hey guys I gotta question for you all um who is my one and only love
  18. Solstice: hey guys uh I got a good one what was my first name
  19. Super boy : who was Cassie's ex boy friends name who stole the silent armor from her
  20. Ok now that this is over comment after your done with this test to say wat u got thx Lolz bye

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