Which teen Titan are you

So who would u want to be this is were u can find out what teen Titan are u and I have more like what RWBY character are u or the idiot test but this one is about the teen titans.

What color is ur hair? What's ur favorite power ? Theses are the questions in here this is like other ones but I did the teen titans u can to but DONT copy mine it's called plagiarism is u do !!!!

Created by: Jada paredes

  1. If u can have a weapon, power, or anything else what would it be
  2. If u can be any one from the teen titans who would it be
  3. Are u funny
  4. Are u a dark person like are u seceret or have a dark room or a dark soul
  5. Would u be on the teen titans
  6. If u were on the teen Titans what powers would u have
  7. If u could have a girl friend in the teen titans who would it be
  8. If u can have a boy friend on the teen titans who would it be
  9. How would u have ur hair on the teen titans
  10. What color hair would u have on the teen titans

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Quiz topic: Which teen Titan am I