You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 10

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Created by: pkiera75 of YYVB
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  1. Friends to the end. Isn't that true? Now...look what shes doing to you! Never helped you, not even to survive, Now your stuck between love and hate. Cant I get over this gate? Not now, not never you trapped yourself.'ll probably live life on a shelf. What do yaa think?!
  2. One more thing before we begin....visit this site and create a dress for the girl that was at the end of part 9 remember she was wearing a WHITE dress and put a peal necklace on her and you can do whatever else you want!! here it is: weddingdresscreator .com just put the .com together then and when it appears just hit the big orange start button! ^_^
  3. OK!! Lets begin!! ^_^ "This minion!" she says as she waves her hands up and down and back and forth. Another bright light appears and a girl appears. The girl looks like a robot with the light still on her. "Odd" you say under your breath. "She isn't a robot, that is just her transformation for when I brought her here." she says. You nod because she looked stiff right about now. She becomes lifelike and she is smiling. She is prettier than a metal robot, that's for sure! She takes a couple off steps towards you and nods her head and smiles. "Hello, I'm Mia!" she says. "Hi Mia! I'm _____! Nice to meet you." you say in return you take walk till your face to face with her and shake her hand. "okay..." says the forest looking lady. "Mia will help you with certain quests, she can't help with all because she has the ability to pass all The Quest of Death missions. You will know when she can't help you." she nods, and both of yous nod back in agreement.........
  4. She was getting ready to take off but you stopped her. "Hey, wait!" you shout out, "Who are you anyways?!" you ask. She turns back around and has a smile on her face, "Well, I am your mother, dear." your jaw drops and you can't breath. "!" you say once more. "Yes, of course, see." she says this as she begins to sparkle when the sparkles are all gone you see she has transformed into the mom your used to seeing. You can't believe your eyes, you thought you were never going to see her again! You begin to tear up and Mia notices and she wipes them away. You run up to your mom and hold her tight. You hear Mia snuffle as if she was crying to. And you feel a tear from your mom. Your tears land on her shirt and she sparkles again, she is back into the princess she was before. "Well dear, I must go, now. If you do well on the missions you shall seeeee....." she was fading away and you couldn't hear or see her anymore........
  5. "See what?" you say under your breath. You turn around and see Mia, she looks just as confused as you are. "What does she mean? Do you know?" Mia asks, "No, I don't, and it bugs me!" you say. "Well I don't know what to tell ya...but we do have missions to do." Mia says looking back as a stream of lava appears and back in the distance you see the volcano bursting out flames and more lava and smoke. Your eyes become wide as you see this. "We have to move before the lava covers the land, but how do we get across the stream?" you shout over the lava splashing and the volcano that continues to erupt. "Well, we could......" says Mia in mid sentance. She's looking at you to finish and you just stare at her. "I can't help you with everything!!" Mia shouts. "Well, could you spare me somethng?!!" you ask "I did...I started the sentance!!!" she says in a smart sarcastic tone............
  6. "Hmmphh...yea that was a lot of hellll........" Mia stops you and says "DO YOU WANNA GET OVER THIS....or what!!??" she yells annoyed. You get all jitty but manage to get out a yes, "good!" She says happily "Now, if we can't touch the water...errr umm...lava..riiiiight water." she says, you giggle but get serious again. "We are going to need..dun dun dun duuuunn.....THE MAGIK OF......ORBING!!!!" she says all dramatically. You raise your eyes brows "Wait...I thought we couldn't use our powers?" you ask. "Ohh, that was for the first part of the quest." Mia says, "oh, well how many pRarts are there?", "Bout 5 or 4. Im not sure anymore." she says. "Ohh, okay".........
  7. "So, wait....i have to complete all these parts? and there are like a billion missons in one part?" you say becoming angry. "Yes, of course, trust me it doesnt take that long" Mia says. "Only bout a week and a half to finish, is all" she sys quietly under her breath. "What happen?" you ask her, "Ohh, nothing, just....thinking to myself is all. she says "Ohh, ok...well lets get across, shall we?!" you close your eyes and think of the forest were it is sorta safe from the lave, but close to the volcano.
  8. Yous get in the forest and start traveling up the stream of lava. Not directly next to it, but its in site. Yous are walking and running for at least 2 days with only 5 hour sleep in high trees, so just in case the lave flows over yous wont get touch.....sorta. yous are ready to get some rest you find a good stable tree branch and you use your jacket as a pillow. You come into a deep sleep and your dream comes fading in...-dream time- There is a lady with white hair and you. You are laying in the grass and there is a pool of blood surrounding you. As you lay there dead, you can can see Mike, Blake and Josh step out of the darkness and they come towards you. They get on their knees and put their hands on your arm, hand, head which or where ever..........
  9. -continuing dream- You then see Niyah next to the white haired lady, you know she looks REALLY familar, but forgot her name. Anyways, then you see Kory and Alex step out of the darkness and do the same as the others, you remeber feeling their tears and then you see Niyah come from next of the lady and she is getting ready to stab you in the heart, again. And as the dream fades you see her killing the guys. -dream ended- you jump up so fast you almost fell outta the tree! You breathe in your nose and out your mouth to stay calm. And you see Mia looking at you, "Ohhh, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to wake you." you say, "Ohhh, noo it's okay we have to start the day early, if we want to finish this quest. But, tell me, what happened to you?" she asks "Oh, it was just a bad dream.".........
  10. "Alrighty then, lets get a move on! I would ask what your dream was, but you know. We gotta move!" she says and jumps down from the tree. You climb down a little bit more where Mia was and then jump off, cause you were higher so you could be a lookout, sorta. You land next to Mia and yous are facing south, were yous came from. Yous see that the lava took over the solid ground and turned it into a river..OCEAN of lava! "Jeez, how much can this volcano hold?!" Mia asks "Well, I'm guessing it had to go!" yous say jokingly. Yous turn around to start walking up the volcano, but looks like it wants to start coming down on the side yous are on!! You see Mia has started hyperventilating, "Ohh, you okay, Mia?!" you ask lightly put in a panic. She starts breathing in her nose and put her mouth and it stops. "Yeaa, I'll be alright" Mia says. "Alright, but now we need to get outta here!!" The lava is starting to come faster down the volcano and the "ocean" is rising higher and higher up the hilly, rocky mountain. You stand there and think for a moment and then say, "We need to start running west. It's the only place were I don't see lava coming down on the cano." you look at Mia and she nods. You both start running west and see and opening on the volcano side. Yous nod at each other and start heading for the bottom of the volcano. You look up and see how steep high it is. You sigh and look at Mia. "We've got no choice" she says "Yea, your right. Ready?" you asks she nods again and you both start climbing on the rocks that are sticking out. "Careful" you hear a voice say "Don't get hurt, _____." you freeze and stay quiet to if you hear it again. "I love yoouuu" you hear fade away. "Mike!" you scream "Mike!" you say again. Mia stops and looks at you....."I heard him!" you say and your face is happy as can be. "That's wonderful!" Mia says "Come along, now" she says and starts climbing.........
  11. You start climbing, too. Hours pass and you can almost see the top of the volcano. The volcano start to erupt more! It was shaking soo hard you almost flew off! You gripped harder onto the rocks and waited to be smothered with lava..but instead the lava was flowing up, up into the sky and..DISAPPEARED!!!! "Holy cow with sprinkled rainbows!" you say aloud and Mia just looks shocked. "Come on!" she yells down to you, this is our only chance!!" she says and continues to climb, you raise an eyebrow but continue to climb to. Yous reach the top and stand on the edge looking down into the lava. The lava falls from the sky and lands on the ground below. All yous see in the volcano is a door, swirling into the lava. Mia reaches for your hand, and you know what you have to do now. You grab her hand and bend down, yous look aqt each other and nod. Yous jump into the lava, still holding each others hands, and you fall into the door. You see you entered a red firey tunnel and at the end of the tunnel you see a black and white hole. Yous are sucked through the hole and you land on a really soft cushion! It's all black..but then you see....CLIFFHANGER!!
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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 10