Boyfriend Choice part 3

You have a boyfriend but you meet two new guys and your beginning to question your relationship with him. You have been with your boyfriend for two months. I hope you like it!

Jayden-Boyfriend, Sandy Hair BieberCut, Plays Soccer, Met at a 7 minutes in heaven Game, Kyle-Missionary Kid, Black Hair Crew Cut, Moves around a bit but parents decide to stay here Shadow-Emo Kid, Black Floppy Hair with Brown tips, Pretend he's not into you but really flirty

Created by: tabsta1

  1. Who did you get in the last quiz?
  2. So your still in the class with Kyle doing your project about Converses. "Shall we go to the computer room to start?" Kyle asks. "Uhhhh...sure" you say. "Kyle walks up to the front of the class to ask if you guy s can go. You decide to pick up everything you guys have on the table. Your hands are full when he gets back and takes his stuff from you. "We can go" he says.
  3. You both walk down to the computer room and as it's nearly full, you both share one computer. You log in and he leans over, looking at you. You look at him and say "Stop, just stop it ok", as that staring is creeping you out. He nods and stares at the computer screen waiting for it to load. You pull up the internet and type in the word 'converses'. It comes up with a bunch of pictures of converses.
  4. You scroll down to look at the pics but your face turns to kyle. You think stop that head n eyes i didnt command u 2 look at him. Kyle looks at you. He pushes back a strand of your hair and lets his fingers slide through it. He leans forward and kisses you passionately and light like a feather. You push yourself away but he kisses you again and this time you give in.
  5. The bell rings and you stand up pushing kyle away. "I cant kiss you. I've got a boyfriend" you say. You grab your stuff, quickly log off and run out of the room. As you run down the corridor towards your locker, you bump into somebody. "Oh, sorry" you say and then see its Jayden. "I'm sorry for the way i acted before school today" he says. Your shocked, he never apologises, as a little smile slips on your face, he smiles. You give him a kiss on the cheek and keep on moving along.
  6. Jayden follows you, "Are you ok?" he asks. "yeah, im fine" you reply letting alittle strand of hair slip over your face. You go to your locker and put your stuff away. "Do you wanna go see a movie tonight?" Jayden asks. You look up at him, "Yes, i'd love to" you say. "Come hang out with us again at lunch" he says again. "I was going to anyway, there my friends" you say. "Right" he says and you walk away.
  7. At lunch, you walk over to the cafe across from the school with Cody and Mason. Your all joking around pretending 2 b Violet with Kyle. Cody does a really good impression flipping his hair and talking just like her. He's walking backwards and suddenly you and Mason stop laughing. Cody looks at you both oddly and turns around. He falls straight into Violet. "WHAT DID U SAY ABOUT ME!!!" says Violet.
  8. Cody's eyes widen and hides behind you. you push him forwards and decide to disappear. Its not a good idea to be close when violets mad. You walk back to school and slip out of school on the other side. You have never been around here before and step on a tile. The tile gives way and a hole appears. You sneak down it and there's Shadow. "SHADOW!" you yell.
  9. "SHHHH!" says shadow. You look around the room and say "Where am i?" "your underneath the school" says shadow. "What! Your lying!" you reply. "NO IM NOT!" he says. You really look around the room now and its a room made from dirt with lots of tunnels and words written above the tunnel of where you could be going around the school. "WOW" you say. Shadow turns and looks around and takes you to a tunnel behind you. It says 'little cafe' above the door.
  10. "Cool!" you say and Shadow grabs your hand to lead you down the tunnel. He leads you a small way and then you scream because a bat flies into your face. He puts his arms around you and you give him a big hug. All the time hes muttering sweet words to you. Finally he lets go so you do to, but he keeps his arm wrapped around you. You keep on walking a while longer til Shadow stops and presses a button. A tile comes down from the ceiling and you both step on it. It leads you up to the little cafe and then you see your friends.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!
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  14. Will you wait for part 4? sorry this took so long

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