Boyfriend Choice part 1

You have a boyfriend but you meet two new guys and your beginning to question your relationship with him. You have been with your boyfriend for two months. I hope you like it!

Jayden-Boyfriend, Sandy Hair BieberCut, Plays Soccer, Met at a 7 minutes in heaven Game, Kyle-Missionary Kid, Black Hair Crew Cut, Moves around a bit but parents decide to stay here Shadow-Emo Kid, Black Floppy Hair with Brown tips, Pretend he's not into you but really flirty

Created by: tabsta1
  1. ok' Youv'e been dating this Guy for 6 month's now called Jayden.He has a Sandy Hair Bieber Cut and plays Soccer to keep in shape for you. You guys met at a Party in the Game called 7 Minutes in Heaven
  2. You Guys connected in the game and after talking for a while you guys came out and he asked you out.(Me: HEHEHE sorry bout the stupid rhyming!) You said yes and you guys have been together ever since. Well, School is starting now and its a new year, your heading out to school when you bump into a Emo kid hiding in the bushes.
  3. OW! you both say and some people come rushing round the corner so the guy pulls you in "WHAT THE ...." you say because he covered your mouth. He whispers in your ear "shhhhhh". As the guys are looking around, he pulls you out the other side of the bush. He grabs your arm and pulls you away to a corner shop but luckily your still on the route for school.
  4. "What is up with you?" you say. "Those Guys were tryna beat me up" says the kid. You see he has black floppy hair with little brown tips. He's a little scrawny but he's really strong. "My name's Shadow" he says. "Oh... My name's ______. You have a cool name, is it like a nickname that your friends call you or your actual name?" you blurt out realising that's quite rude. Shadow just grunts so you realise your not gonna get an answer. "So what school do you go to?" you say trying to get him off topic. "Lowood" he growls. "Oh me too" you say.
  5. You both end up walking in silence to the school. When you get to the school gates, Jayden is there waiting for you. You run up to him and give him a hug while he hugs you back. "Iv'e missed you so much" he says then he see's Shadow."C'mon lets get away from this loser" he says and pulls you away. You guys go over to the popular group and hang out with your friends Greyson, Cody, Mason, Larissa, Summer and Violet.
  6. The bell rings so you go off to your first class with Violet. You both walk in and see this really cute new guy with black hair cut into a crew cut. "I have Dibs" Violet whispers. "Obviously" you say "I have a boyfriend". He see's you guys looking and comes over. "The name's Kyle" he says shaking your hands "You are?". "I'm Violet" she says starting to try and stand in front of you. Kyle kindly pushes her and nods at you "I'm _____" you say. Before you guys talk anymore the teacher comes so you guys all sit down.
  7. You sit at your desk thinking to yourself...hmmmmm i think i might like these new guys more than my boyfriend you think.
  8. You go round all your classes in a blur wondering which guy you like. After your last class before lunch, Jayden grabs you by the waist and whirls you round. You drop your books because your so surprised. Every single guy in the hallway see's and starts picking them up frantically to impress you. Jayden takes the books away from them, puts his arm around you and you both walk to your locker to put your books away.
  9. "So ____. How have you been? Ive been so sad cause i've barely seen you today" Jayden says looking at you and smiling. "I've missed you too" you say smiling while he puts your books in your locker. He looks at the locker and see's a pic of you two at the beach surrounded by a cardboard heart border. "Awwwwww" he says. You blush when you see what he's looking at and shut it quickly. You both walk to the cafe across from school together and see your friends eating sandywiches. You slide down to the girl's side of the table and you instantly pick up on the convo about Kyle.
  10. "He's the cutest guy ever" says Violet. "Sound's cute" says Larissa. "What are you talking bout guys?" you ask. "Vi is telling us bout this hot new guy ummm...wats his name?" says Summer. "Kyle?" you guess. "Yeah, that's it!" says Summer. "Why are you so obsessed over this guy?" asks Cody. "It's one else know's him" says Larissa. "I do! But there's no way I'm dating him. Ive got a Boyfriend" you say, hugging Jayden. Violet nearly started to scream but Greyson put his hand over her mouth. "EW! DONT LICK ME VI!" says Greyson. "Thats disgusting" Says Mason. "Thats him!" says Violet about to scream again. "He's cute...not my type though"says Summer looking at him while he orders.
  11. "HEY!" yells Kyle when he see's you and Violet. "Hi!" says Violet waving. She jumps up from her seat and goes over to Kyle. You roll your eyes as she giggles like an idiot. "I can't believe her!" says Mason. "I know. Who did she have a crush on last year?" asks Cody. "Something Hemsworth i think" says Larissa. "Oh well, it's not our fault she can't commit to one guy" Greyson says. "Yeah" you all agree. Violet comes back over with Kyle then. "Hey Guys. I invited Kyle to join us for lunch" Violet says giggling like an idiot. We all looked at each other and rolled our eyes. "What do you guys know that i don't?" she asks then clueless so we all burst out laughing.
  12. After Lunch you walk with your friends back through the school gates before you go separate ways. You walk off to your next period which is Gym. You see Shadow walking the same way and jog over to him. "Hey" you say. "Why did that guy you were with call me a loser?" he asks staring at you coldly. "That GUY is my boyfriend. He's just Judgemental" you say. He stops and looks at you then. "Then what are you doing with a guy like that _____? Your better than that" Shadow says looking you right in the eyes. "I may be. But i love him Shadow. Well i did before i'm not so sure" you say. "So do something about it!" he says and you guys walk along again to the gym. "But I dont know what to do" you say. "Your heart will tell the right time" he says. But by that time, you guys are at the gym and he opens the gym door for you. "Awwww, Thanks!" you say blushing.
  13. In Gym, the teacher said everyone is doing cross-country. Everyone groaned-including you. She partnered everyone with the complete opposite person to them. Funnily enough you and Shadow got partnered up. You guys had to stay together and run together then. "C'mon he says and grabs you by the arm to start you off.
  14. You follow behind him for a bit before falling into step with him. "So...tell me about yourself?" you ask. "Not much to tell" he says. " have to tell me something about you" you say. "We only met today" he says laughing and you realize it's the first time he's probably smiled in ages. He has a gorgeous smile, his straight white teeth glistening in the sun. "You at least have to tell me why you were hiding from those guys this morning?" you ask. "I'd rather not answer that" Shadow says. You jog together then for a little while longer then without saying anything.
  15. A while later still jogging, you ask "So are you going to tell me?" "Ok, I'll tell you...but you can't tell anyone" says Shadow. "What is it!?" You ask. "well...its because they used to be my friends but for some reason they have turned on me" Shadow said and then continued "then for some reason I met you and you were nice to me so for a weird reason i have a feeling it's not real right now" he says. He then sat down on a log and a tear dropped down his face.
  16. "Hey, Hey! It's ok, It's real all right. Your amazing!" you say. "Yeah thats helpful" he says. He stares down at his hands "We'd better move quickly" he says. But then your leaning across to each other and kiss. You stand up then quickly ashamed at what you'd done. You pulled him up and then just ran all the way back to the school oval.
  17. When you guys got back to the school, you guys were the last one's. You had to help clean all the balls while all Shadow had to do something else. When you were done, you walked out the gym and saw Kyle talking to the teacher. "Hey _______. Wait a sec huh?" Kyle says. He says one more thing to the teacher and then comes running. "Hey" he says. "Hi" you say back. "What were you doing in the gym?" he asks. "I came back late doing cross-country" you say. "I didn't know a good popular girl like you could get in trouble" he says and you burst out laughing while he playfully punches your arm. You guys walk to the gates together til you see your boyfriend and told him you had to go.
  18. You run up to Jayden and give him a hug. He kisses you on the cheek and spins you around. "Hey what took you so long?" Jayden asks. "I got into trouble" you ask. "What did you do?" he asks as you two start walking home. "I got back to school to late" you say. "awwwwww babe. Well it's ok. I'm here now" says Jayden and puts his arm round you. You kiss him lightly on the lips and then your home. You stroke his face and say "bye". "bye i love you" he says. "I love you too" you say and run up to the house.
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