Boyfriend Choice part 2

You have a boyfriend but you meet two new guys and your beginning to question your relationship with him. You have been with your boyfriend for two months. I hope you like it!

Jayden-Boyfriend, Sandy Hair BieberCut, Plays Soccer, Met at a 7 minutes in heaven Game, Kyle-Missionary Kid, Black Hair Crew Cut, Moves around a bit but parents decide to stay here Shadow-Emo Kid, Black Floppy Hair with Brown tips, Pretend he's not into you but really flirty

Created by: tabsta1

  1. Who did you get in the last quiz?
  2. Ok in the last quiz you were just getting to know the guys but now it's going to become more personal. Got it?
  3. So what are you wearing for school today?
  4. You grab a muffin and walk out the door to go to school. You just leave the gate outside your house when someone jumps out from behind a bush. You scream loudly! "Relax, Relax. It's just me!" says Kyle. "Gosh...why did you do that? and how do you know where i live?!" you say. "1. It's funny 2. Internet" he replies. "Oh yeah...Don't do it again or I'll kill you" you say. "Yeah, like you would" Kyle says sarcastically.
  5. "So have you been accepted by the popular group?" you ask. "Yeah...I think it's only because of Violet" he replies. "WOW! BIG SHOCK THERE!" you say. "What do you mean?" asks Kyle. "Isn't it obvious...BOYS!" you say. "I don't understand...if you must know iv'e never been to a school before or had friends" he says. "Oh...Why's that?" you ask. "My parent's are Missionaries...I'm a Missionary Kid. So I don't even know why Violet is acting the way she is. Is She acting normal?" he asks. "For you, NO! Everyone else, YEAH!" you say. "Oh, I get it now. Does she like me?" he asks. "Sure took you long enough" you say. But by then your at school and see your boyfriend.
  6. You run to Jayden and he whirls you round. "What is with you walking to school with the guy's lately?" he asks. "Their just being nice" you say. "Yeah...their being real nice trying to steal you away from me" he says jealous. "Dont be jealous your the only one for me" you say stroking his hair. "Hey" says Kyle. "Hey" says Jayden frowning at him. Kyle instantly gets the message and runs for it. "Dont be mean sweetie. He's a nice guy you guys will be great friends" you say. "Maybe" he says frowning. He begins to walk off but you grab his hand and walk with him.
  7. Jayden shook your hand off and walked up to the group. He left you standing there alone. The bell went for homegroup but you felt bad that he thought you were cheating maybe. You were frozen, stuck, unable to move. Shadow came up behind you "Are you ok?" he asked. "I'm fine...Just not feeling to hot" you reply. "I can tell something's up, you should be in homegroup right now" he says and stood in front of you. "C'mon, I'm gonna take you somewhere" Shadow says. "I can't just go somewhere, were at school" you say. "Yeah, and right now were gonna get away from it for a bit" Shadow says pulling you away.
  8. He pulled you away from school and down to a skate park. Luckily noone was there cuz you were scared and nervous. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Not really" you say. "Tell me what happened. I told you yesterday!" Shadow said. "Ok...I think my boyfried hates me or annoyed at me because I'm spending a little time with you and Kyle" you say close to tears. "Hey! Look at me! If he's treating you like that, he's not worth it" Shadow says. You smile a little "Thanks" you say.
  9. You start to walk away. "I've gotta go...I don't want to be late" you say. "Oh yeah, sure" he says. You walk back to the school but you really don't know what to do.
  10. You go into class late and your teacher glares at you. "Sorry im late" you say. You walk to the back of the class and sit down next to Kyle. You both smile at each other before trying to pay attention. You hear that everyone has a do a project in partners with the person next to you.
  11. "ummm...What is the project about?" you ask. "Something to do with Advertising, I really dont know" Kyle says. "We need to do three different things on one topic" you say. "How do you know that?" Kyle asks. "The teacher wrote it on the board" you say. "Oh" Kyle says. "Well, what should our topic be?" You ask. "I say...Converses" Kyle says. "I didn't know you liked those" you say. "Hey! Just cuz I'm a missionary kid doesn't mean I'm stupid" He says. "Ok well lets do converses then" you say. "We can do a poster, Billboard and a magazine advert" he says.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!! Sorry this part isn't as long as part 1
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  15. Will you wait for part 3?

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