The Choice 4

Part 4 is finally here sorry to keep you waiting this is an awesome seris of quizes and the latest addition for The Choice it's like so totally awesome

Hey I'm in a dangerous situation. One of my friends keeps bad talking my other friend behind her back and making mean jokes and once said something to her face, I try to get her to stop being mean any advice post in comments

Created by: dreamer12
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  1. You see cheerleader sighn ups on your way in Paris and you sighn up and TJ comes in "Hey ____" he says and winks "Oh" Paris squeals "Hangin with the hot guy" "Yeah guess so" "Ask him out"
  2. She pushes you towards him and you just stand there "Oh ___ you wanna go out" he askes and winks "Sure" you go back to Paris "Your going with a hot guy" she squeals
  3. You tell Carrie, Maddie, Derik, and Cody you signed up for cheerleading "Great work girls" Cody says and winks at you "No our popularity increased" Maddie says Cody takes you aside "I hope your get the lead role in the school play" he says and kisses you
  4. You go into historyclass together. Your desk is behind Maddie between Cody and Carrie and in front of Paris and Derik Cody passes you a note saying I love you _____
  5. You're walking to lunch, and after that is cheer practice you need to put up your stuff and trip Grit see's you and rushes to help but a nerd comes and gives you all your books, smiles and runs away you thank him and look for Grit who's gone by now
  6. Derik is waiting for you and Carrie who's late "___ you dropped your books" you nod "Lucky that nerd helped you instead of that emo freak"
  7. You're eating lunch and you tell the others about falling and who helped you pick up your books "So Demeo Gradeson helped you" Paris says "He's the biggest nerd ever" she laughs "And ranks higher on our cool list than the emo jerk who was gonna help her" Cody argued "Thanks Cody you're a great friend" you say nicely he smiles and winks
  8. You and Paris go to cheer tryouts in your old town you took gynastics and your up first you do a cartwheel and five handsprings "Wow the coach said "Next" Paris did a cartwheel and a handspring then more cartwheels you see TJ standing in the corner smiling you walk over "Hey TJ how'd I do" you ask "Awesomw you're totally getting picked" Paris is done and you leave
  9. You go out and see Grit next to the water fountain he glances at you a turns away you feel he's mad a you
  10. You like

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