Would you survive my mind?(Part 2)

ARG! IMMA PIRATE! LOL! This quiz was made by me,and Canada. ^-^ I hope you enjoy the quiz. Ugh,I don't like typing this...what to type...Im almost done...

UGH! ANOTHER ONE? Oh well. Oh,here's a message from Canada: It's Canada. Take the quiz or else I'll break yo face. :) Enjoy the quiz! You better comment...

Created by: Biance

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  1. You wake up from you're nap but something isn't right.
  2. You stand up to see you're in Audobon,PA.
  3. You turn around to see a tan hotel called Home Wood Suites with a red restraunt in front of it.
  4. You walk into the hotel to smell waffles,pancakes,and eggs.
  5. You see a front desk with a lady with black hair. You walk over to the desk and ask,"May I have a key to room 515?" She gives you a key.
  6. You walk into the elevator and press the number 5. You wait and finally the elevator is there. You find room 515,put the key in the hole,turn it,then open the door. You look at the room. You hear crying in one of the rooms. You open the door. There's a little girl crying on the bed. Her hair is changing colors from purple,to pink,to green,and to orange.
  7. You walk over to her.
  8. The girl looks up and her eyes are red.
  9. Stuffed animals come out from under the bed and they're moving! There are 3 bunnies,5 dogs,10 kittens,2 penguins,1 duck,and 4 pigs.
  10. The dolls are coming to life,so are poker cards.
  11. You back away and run out of the room,you press the down button for the elevator but it's taking to long. You decide to take the stairs. You're finally on the 1st floor and you run out of the hotel.
  12. You look behind you to see no stuffed animals,dolls,or cards.
  13. Suddenly,the sky turn red and yellow. People turn purple and black.
  14. You see a cat walk by and it's eyes turn red and starts going crazy and physco.
  15. You see a red,orange,and yellow door by the restraunt.
  16. You open the door to see a more normal place filled with animals.
  17. Kittens come up to you.
  18. A white and brown kitten licks you on the cheek.
  19. You get more sleepier and your head collapses on the ground. You slowly close your eyes and go to sleep.

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