1 Can you survive my mind?

My mind is a dangerous place a night, do you think you can survive the night and escape still in one piece? If you think that it's easy to get out of my mind...take my quiz if you dare...Muwahahaha!!!! Don't let the name fool you i'm a girl.

I had tons of fun making this quiz, I hope you take it. I put Sasuke in my quiz to make things interesting. Most of you know about Naruto or have watched it at least once, if not don't worry it doesn't effect anything = )

Created by: Yusei Fudo of Abcd
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  1. You are in a dark room and you see red eyes, you realize that those eyes are sharingon, you???
  2. All of the sudden the floor collapses, you start falling you???
  3. You all of the sudden you hit the bottom and feel a warm fuzzy feeling you???
  4. After the weird feelings pass, you hear people calling your name you???
  5. You open your eyes and your in a field under a tree, Sasuke is staring at you with a smirk on his face, you???
  6. Sasuke says nothing and walks off still smirking. You???
  7. Sasuke then turns around and tells you that you have cat ears and a tail you??
  8. You try to follow Sasuke when all of the sudden hes behind you and your unconsious, you wake up a few hours later and now it's dark...the moon is red and...your covered in blood, you???
  9. Crows start to gather in the trees, glaring at you with red eyes and sharp yellow fangs, you???
  10. You start running, you look back at the crows are following you, while you are looking at the crows, you trip on a rock and fall down a hill onto a shallow river bed, you try to get up but you twisted you anckle you?
  11. After you put your foot in the river, you see that the crow that where following you are now gone, you???
  12. After a few minutes after you set up camp, you start to feel sleepy you???
  13. Your almost asleep when you hear a "crunching" sound, you???
  14. You keep hearing the same "crunching" noise over and over, its getting closer you?
  15. All the sudden, you wake up. Sasuke's holding you very close and smirking you???
  16. After you have stopped screaming, Sasuke whispers that hes a vampire you???
  17. After you start running, theres a buzzing sound in your ear and it keeps getting louder and louder until you wake up and unplug your alarm clock.

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Quiz topic: 1 can I survive my mind?