Would you Survive my Mind? Part I

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This will eventually become a series. Yes, a series of surviving my mind. Have a problem with that? In my mind people apear randomly, and there's only like 10 inhabitants who live there year round. The place is called MoonSpire.

None of my characters are evil. Just depends on how you see it. Gabriel was sweet, but he's a unpredictable cat demon. Eclipse seemed, well odd. She also might not have looked capable of killing you, but believe me she could. Circe is a sorceress. She can easily heal or kill you. And Raffin, the raven dude, is the healer of my mind. Your a threat, so he attacks you.

Created by: Hephaestuschild
  1. You suddenly find yourself in a torchlit clearing. A large koi pond is to your right, with giant fish circling each other constantly. To your right is a small, moonlit town. In front of you is a dark, slightly glowing forest. And behind you is a grassy expense, much like a meadow. Farther back are snowy mountain peeks reaching toward the sky.
  2. You get up, and dust yourself off, speechless. You hear rustling in the bracken next to the forest, and turn to see a black, red eyed wolf, a Fiore, snarling at you. It pounces.
  3. Your too much in shock to run or fight back. Right as you smell it's dead breath, a copper figure comes in between you and the wolf. A boy with coppery blonde hair, amber eyes, fair skin, and calico cat ears and tail sends the wolf running back into the forest. Then he turns to you, giving a childish grin.
  4. He smiles as you speak, and chuckles. His ears perk up as he says "I'm Gabriel. You are?" You tell him you're _____. He nodds, and fixes his gloves, then says "Nice name".He then runs off.
  5. You then start toward the town, seeing a faint glow from a bench. A small girl with light blonde hair and pale brown eyes is sitting on a bench, reading. She turns a page, not paying attention to you. The oddest thing about her-She has huge white wings.
  6. Whatever you do, the girl looks at you with a confused face. A large scar runs across her cheek, and she blinks at you "Hi? I'm Eclipse...Who're you?" You tell her, and she nods. Then she asks "Why are you here, _____?"
  7. Whatever you do, Eclipse smirks, and says "Well your here now, Welcome to MoonSpire."Then she extends her huge wings, and leaps into the air, flying off.
  8. You start walking again, then suddenly find yourself standing in the torchlit clearing, staring at the koi pond. A woman with black curly hair, fair skin, and blue eyes hums, while standing ON TOP of the water.She blinks, then says "I am Circe"
  9. She smirks, and disapears. You suddenly find yourself face first in the grassy meadow. You get up, dusting yourself off. A couple of pure white deer stare at you with amber eyes.
  10. A tall boy with piercing saphire blue eyes, pale skin, and raven black hair that shimmers like raven feathers stares at you. He extends large raven black wings. Then he throws a chuck of mud at you.
  11. He suddenly apears in front of you, and taps your forehead. You fall to the ground, unable to move. He mutters something about viruses and intruders, then disapears.
  12. Gabriel, the boy from earlier, walks up to you and taps your shoulders, chest, and then your forehead. Your suddenly able to move. Gabriel's eyes are glazed over slightly, and he runs off, yelling behind him "Your welcome!"
  13. The scene around you suddenly changes. You on a snowy mountain, staring out at the full moon. A cold breeze blows around you. You look down, and see a small cross pendent. Eclipse then apears beside you, and holds out her hand, her eyes asking a simple question-Can I have it?
  14. Well she ends up with it anyway. She smiles, and starts glowing as she places it around her neck. She suddenly disapears, leaving behind a glowing gold portal.

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