Would You Survive a Werewolf Attack?

Do you have what it takes to survive a werewolf attack? Werewolves are intelligent animal/humans. We live in wonder. What would we do if a real werewolf attacked us?

Will you survive? Do you have the power to live? Until now, you only have one way out... The back space key. But thanks for taking this quiz. You'll find out if you make it or if you don't.

Created by: RedWolf5739
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  1. You're walking down the street with two of your friends. One is named Madison and the other is named Kaylee. Your phone starts ringing suddenly. You...
  2. Whatever you did, the phone went to speaker. You hear heavy breathing on the other side. Then a voice cried, "Werewolves! Run-" the phone clicked off suddenly. You...
  3. Madison invites you and Kaylee to a sleepover. You go, Why?
  4. Kaylee agrees to go. You accept the invite and start off to her house. Along the way, you feel rain drip onto your head. You look up and see..
  5. You run into a coffee shop with the girls right behind you. You take a breather before ordering a non-fat cream coffee thingy. You sit down and notice a boy, maybe 16 sitting alone. He looks frightened and scared. You walk over and sit. He seemed not to notice. You feel uncomfortable but before you walk away the boy said, "Did you get my message? They're coming." You...
  6. You leave the coffee shop with Kaylee and Madison right next to you. You feel really angry. You cross the street and make it to Madison's house. She unlocks the door and shoves you and Kaylee in. You get a very bad feeling. Madison glares at both of you. She pulls her lips back reviling canine teeth. You...
  7. Kaylee starts crying. Madison starts howling to the sky (Indoors). You spot a gun on the floor a few feet from you. You inch towered it. Then grab it. What do you do?
  8. The bullet bounced off a wall and destroyed the lock. You grab Kaylee's hand and run out of there! Madison chases after you. You see a shack, an abandoned gas station, and a tree house. Which do you choose to hide in?
  9. Random Question:What's your favorite color? (Me: just to make sure you haven't been bitten by Madison... Yet.
  10. Madison grabs you and pins you on the ground. Deaths door is waiting. What is your last thought... For this question.

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