RP for Werewolves

Disclaimer: this is a quiz for werewolves, werewolf-vampires, and humans who think they may be werewolves. But anyway, hi, I’m WerewolfSquddi. I’m a werewolf and I like squids.

This quiz is a RP about being in a werewolf pack. At the end, you’ll see if your fit to be a Beta or Alpha! So go... discover if you will be a Beta or Alpha in your werewolf pack.

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You awaken, ready for a day of..
  2. You leave the teen werewolves’ den and run into your friend Marclaw. She’s the Alpha, and she’s appointed you Beta. What do you so when you see her?
  3. Marclaw waves at you, and you both part.
  4. You begin hunting, and you see a bear. He is quite big and you are a little scared. What do you do?
  5. The bear catches the scent of werewolf, and he turns around. He finds you! You..
  6. Your packmates run towards you, and they fight off the bear. You thank them by..
  7. Your mate, Mapaw, and your pup, SilverBlood, have caught two ducks. Will you..
  8. You return to the teen werewolves’ den, hoping that you dream about..
  9. As you drift off to sleep, you see yourself as the Alpha. You..
  10. You awaken..

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