Are You A True Lycanthrope?

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What is a lycanthrope?... A werewolf. This is a quiz to see if perhaps you are one... Lycans have played important roles throughout human history, and the myths and legends about them have entertained humans for generations. There are stereo type werewolves (bloody, total lunatic, no control, etc.)but this is simply how man has dubbed werewolves: as evil, man-eating beasts. This is simply not true and very biased.

Do you believe in my elusive species?... I created this quiz to see if perhaps there are others, or others who believe. If you have ever felt different, if you don't fit in, if you can do things others can't, take the quiz below and see if it helps. Good luck....

Created by: daughterofwolves
  1. What is your outlook on life?
  2. What color are your eyes? Do you ever feel like they are more animal as opposed to human?
  3. Are you senses superhuman? Can you smell, hear, feel, sense, see, and know things most people just can't?
  4. Can you sense certain things about people, places, things, etc.? (e.i.: if the are dangerous, safe, if death has occurred there?)
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. Do you ever get a craving for bloody steak? Do you enjoy the taste?
  7. Does the moon enchant you in a way you can't explain? Do you find yourself sitting outside staring at it?
  8. Do you prefer night or day?
  9. Do you find that you have a two-sided personality, one pulling towards darker sides and one remaining more humanly innocent?
  10. Can you do certain things?.. almost like powers... such as healing people, things or yourself, seeing or talking to spirits, talking to animals etc? PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH!!
  11. Can you sense another's soul when you look into their eyes? Can you see their memories, their future? Tell the truth.

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