Would you survive a Kaiju attack?

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There are many Kaijus out there, there are Kaijus from the movie Pacific Rim but the most famous Kaiju must be the King of Monsters Godzilla. Kaijus may often attack human cities.

Would you survive if a Kaiju attacked your city? Well even if you never wonderer if you would survive and are just board out of your mind you can take this quiz.

Created by: MaiyaB
  1. What do you do if a Kaiju is attacking your city?
  2. Would you help other people in your city when a Kaiju attacks?
  3. If the Military approached you and asked you if you would join them what would you say?
  4. Would you leave immediately after the first warning or would you stick around?
  5. It's raining and dark what do you do?
  6. Half way done
  7. How fast can you run?
  8. Have you seen any Kaiju movies (Godzilla,Gamera)
  9. How often do you exercise?
  10. Do you work well with others?

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