World Fact Question Quiz

The world is a big place, and all too many times we are left staggered by all there is to learn within it. Now it's time to put your knowledge to the test.

This quiz will give you the opportunity to show what you know about the world around you. Be careful, though, when taking the quiz to make sure that you've thoroughly read the questions and answers.

Created by: Jason of MySpace
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  1. Who is the governor of Arizona?
  2. Canada has a...
  3. The prime minister of Great Britain is...
  4. Calderon was recently elected president of what country?
  5. There are how many stars on the U.S. flag?
  6. Montevideo is the capital of what South American country?
  7. Each day, Muslims around the world turn toward this Saudi Arabian city to pray.
  8. Iowa is bordered to the north by what state?
  9. If the U.S. were a square with the states of Washington, California, and Florida comprising the northwest, southwest, and southeast corners respectively, what state would be in the northeast corner?
  10. What is the main language spoken in Austria?
  11. The capital of Louisiana is...
  12. Ottawa is the capital of what English-speaking nation?
  13. Vancouver is in what Canadian province?
  14. The prime minister of Paris is who?
  15. (Last question) What South Pacific island chain belonged to the U.S. until 1994?

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