Witch Jonas Brother Would Fall Hard For You!

This Is A Jonas brother quiz i made for all you jonas lovers including me.I added some funny questions,Well i hope you injoy this quiz it took me forever to make it,but there is a Good turn out to it,and just have fun with it,It does include all three jonas brothers.

You Will Find out wich jonas brothers would fall hard for you!And mabey even you are the one they want to spend the rest of there life with!:)Thats whats on the results but other than that i took this uiz even though its mine and i really liked it it was fun.I laughed out my own questions but i just hope yall in joy it thanks again!

Created by: Taylor of horseland
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  1. Your On tour with the jonas brothers,and your all inside the tour buss.you dicide to????????
  3. Whats Your Fav Color
  4. What Would You Describe You Self As
  5. Nicks Diabetes Is Giving Him A Hard Time what do you do??
  6. (Incase you havent noticed this Quiz is going to be very long!,but its got good results!)OMG!your backstage with the jonas brothers because your on there huge sold out there with them!And there singing when you look me in the eyes,Well nick looks back and winks at you and he trips over his feet.and they all start laughing so hard they for get the lyrics to the song???????????????????????WHAT DO YOU DO!
  7. Who Is Your Fav Jonas
  8. Ok,so Joe Is falling in love with you and he ask that you go an a date with him because he really likes you,Well Unfotanly Kevin Is you fav jonas.What do you do?
  9. You go out to eat with the jonas brothers at McDonalds,so what are you ordering
  10. Man you cant find your fav pants on the tour buss so you have to pic some clothes out of the guys closets.whatcha going to pic
  11. Are you tired of taking this Quiz
  12. You See Kevin Cryin,cause he just found out they dont have his size in these shoes he really likez what do you do to help him
  13. Whitch Nickname best suits you
  14. witch jonas do you want to fall in love with you
  16. Fancy Shoes,Vans,Or Skater shoes
  17. your thirsty what are you going to drink
  18. What Do you think About saving your self till after marrige!;)
  19. Do you actully own a jonas brothers Cd
  20. Ok so only 20 more questions left am i boring you?
  21. ok Be honest,Do you know nick jonas has diabetes,If so what type,(THIS IS NOT MAKING FUN OF NICK JONAS)
  22. IS THIS TRUE!(joe took a nasty fall at the AMAS.
  23. Crap,Nick has your diary and its got stuff about him and joe and kevin what do you do
  24. Joe gives you a cute smile what do you do???
  25. ok nick fell asleep on the couch and,and joe wants to go see a movie ,how are gonna wake nick up
  26. Joe Falls asleep and you and kevin wana face paint on him,so what are you goning to face paint
  27. Crap Nicks hair is long and he has to get a hair cut,whats ur reaction
  28. you spen how much much time on your hair
  29. Ok,so joe throws a snowball at you.what do you do
  30. Only 10 more questions,you all go to ride a rollar coatster,but you get scared so nick promises yhe will hold your hand threw the ride you?
  31. OK,so you find out kevin has a gf what do you do
  32. you see nick get hurt and nick starts to cry what do you do
  33. you go an a date with the jonas brothers you ask them to get you
  34. Oh.know there tour bus breaks down what do you do
  35. Whats your fav movie
  36. Whats your fav jonas saying
  37. The Jonas Brothers Move to india what do you do
  38. Ok your sad,and kevin comes over and gives you a hug
  39. You have to say goodbye to the jonas brothers because the tour is ending.

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