will your parents ever get you a horse?

There are many horses out there with bad owner. Slapped, mistreated, considered dangerous, when they're not. Your parents are the key to getting you a horse. But will they?

Do your parents like horses? Will they ever get you a horse? Would they like a horse? In this quiz you can find the answer to these questions. Good luck!

Created by: Makayla
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  1. Do you have a couple thousand dollars that you could spend each year?
  2. Are your parents cool with you going down to a barn unsupervised (you don't have to go down there by yourself, but you know)?
  3. Could your parents stand the smell of the barn(adults hate the smell of horses)?
  4. If your horse was to die, what would your parents do?
  5. Do your parents even LIKE horses at all?
  6. Would your parents help you in big situations?
  7. How important is this to you?
  8. Whats your parents usual mood? BE HONEST!!!
  9. do you have responsibility 24 hours a day?
  10. how much are you're parents willing to pay?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir parents ever get you a horse?