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  • Will you be famous someday?
    Your Result: YOU'RE THE NEXT LADY GAGA! ( or Mr Gaga )


    You are a born star! Congratulations! To boost your career ( if you haven't already ) I recommend open mic night! And get used to critisism because that is part of stardom!

    sports_2021 Jul 2 '14, 2:40AM
  • Wow my dreams are crushed

    vampire16 Sep 1 '11, 7:18AM
  • i'm excited it said a nice thing.i sing like mariah carey without that voice stuff

    hale4456 Jan 15 '10, 8:39PM
  • Nice! My quiz is famous! xD Oh yeah, and you old farts better stop leaving dumb comments.. I never said I liked Eminem, I just used that because I know guys take the quiz too, so chill! ;-)

    MorganTheGirl Jan 13 '10, 5:26PM
  • XD blank comment. XD umm.... A. horrible taste in music. (Kei$ha??? eminem??? SERIOUSLY!!!!!) Lady GaGa is ok, but sort of a..... well I won't say to trouble your young, young mind..... :T and B. Don't be such a superficial stereotyper. Just because we aren't vain doesn't mean we cant have a place in the 'big time'. That shows how fake celebrities are turning.....

    Ganbatte123 Jan 13 '10, 2:33PM
  • I've got potential? I don't wanna be a famous singer or actress or anything, but I'd more like to be a famous writer or painter or something like that.

    I like music Jan 13 '10, 11:21AM
  • It said I'll never be famous...maybe for business, but not as a singer or dancer.

    Joshi001 Jan 13 '10, 10:23AM
  • iv got potential it says and some body's obsessed with the ungly fahionista and singer of horribleness lady gaga

    luv_u Jan 13 '10, 9:05AM
  • the next lady gaga!!! more like the next member of diversity!

    boylovinhuni2010 Jan 12 '10, 12:56PM
  • Cool quiz! im the next lady gaga!

    Wanda Jan 11 '10, 9:30PM
  • Woo! I Got..You'll never be famous! Woo! Thats What I Wanted :D

    WEIRDOxxxxx Jan 11 '10, 7:21PM
  • i got potential

    imhyper Jan 11 '10, 3:32PM
  • Lol. It said I'm the next Lady Gaga!

    Jennette291 Jan 2 '10, 8:20PM
  • I've got potential it says.

    Hikaru Katsu Dec 28 '09, 12:00AM
  • I made this quiz, and I saw it on the top 100 quizes! Yipee I'll bet theres like thousands of quizes, but out of them , mine is one of the top 100 :)

    MorganTheGirl Dec 27 '09, 3:14PM
  • Cool

    gazzalou Dec 26 '09, 7:13PM
  • Next gaga.
    haha i am a born star ive been doing it for 7 years
    ever since i wuz 6.
    awesome quiz!

    Aero87Girly Dec 25 '09, 9:26PM

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