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  • I personally dislike One Direction for multiple reasons.

    My first reason, has to be the fandom. Over obsessing fans ruin everything. I know that some people in the fanbase are very nice, normal people who just like the music. But it's the fans that go too far that give a fandom its bad name. For example, I really hate how they make their last name the same as their favorite band member, or say that they're marrying one of the men. It's ridiculous. Unless your last name really is Malik or Styles, please don't pretend it isn't. You look silly, especially considering the person probably doesn't know you exist. And if they do know you exist, it seems like it might creep them out. The same goes for the ones who want to marry the guys. It's a little creepy, stalkerish, and overall, going too far. What if a random stranger asked you to marry him/her? What would you do?

    Second has to be idea of them. Yes, they're a boyband. Yes, boybands are popular. But I've never seen what's so spectacular about them. The love of this one will pass in a few years and be replaced by another. The fact that not many others seem to catch this, annoys me. Go ahead, enjoy the music, enjoy what they sing. But remember that there have bands like them before, and there will be bands like them afterward. They aren't that original. On the note of them not being original, a lot of what they produce sounds the same. It's nice for artists to have different sounds from time to time. The fact that they don't really seem to have that makes me less interested in them.

    Third, they don't play the type of music I enjoy. :)


  • sorry! school is busy! i just really forgot about this!

    thank you sooo much! you are one of those smart peoople who accually do reasonable things, and i respect you for that, thank you for being understandable,

    might now get on for a while again.

  • I agree.

  • And, of course, I try to be reasonable with fans, and they ignore me.

  • Yes! I totally agree with you.

  • I agree with @scolionophobia!!!! Just saying


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