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  • Uncertain Title.
    "u worded it fine and ur completely right. i strongly do believe that everything happens for a reason & that time does heal things overti..."
  • Uncertain Title.
    "not sure if its the way the world is right now or if its just me lmao i lost all motivation so suddenly for whatever reason... it sucks that..."
  • Uncertain Title.
    "ive been alright! came to terms w my sexuality during last summer & realized that im bi so it made me feel pretty good. ive been finding..."
  • Uncertain Title.
    "yeaaa its me LMAOO long time no see"
  • Uncertain Title.
    "hey !!"
  • "funniebunnie ): hiii whenever u see this .. i havent talked to u in forever!!"
  • heyy
    "help i rmbred the pass.. & thanku!!"
  • :)
    "came on this acc to say im sorry for all the stupid s--- ive done LWKFKWKDKWK"
  • hi
    "HELPFSJD im fr so used to it being om advanced bc its been like that for what 2 years.."
  • hi
    "this username............. & my bar is still stuck on advanced broke a+s site its been over a YEAR bue i lovr wanna one 3"
  • hi
    "..i fr remembered my password omg... anyways hey i was kinda looking through my thread & stuff"
  • My Official Thread. :3
    "my sister made my acc though"
  • My Official Thread. :3
    "i'm aware."
  • My Official Thread. :3
    "cough cough my username is stupid af"
  • My Official Thread. :3
    "guess so"

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