Could We Date? [boys only]

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Ignore this I have pretty much nothing to say! xD Ummmm.. I bet you'll ignore this anyways... Take this quiz to see if we could date? Um yeah.. BYE! XD

Could we date? Take this quiz and see if we could!! I have nothing to say as previously said. XD OMG I'm acting so dumb.. Sorry! XD Byee!!! Have fun I guess. XP

Created by: Tigers123
  1. What's Your Hair Color?
  2. What's Your Favorite Color? [if I didn't put your favorite color choose your second favorite color]
  3. What's Your Favorite Candy?
  4. What's Your Favorite Animals?
  5. What's Your Favorite Movie Genre?
  6. Do You Like Me? [running out of Questions!! XD]
  7. Do You Have A Puppy/Grown Dog?
  8. How Old Are You? [I should've asked this earlier. XP]
  9. Do You Have A Kitten?
  10. Bye!

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