Epic how beautiful are you quiz!

Hello! Would you like to know if your absolutely stunning? Do you want to know if your lovely? I wonder if you are? I bet you are. Guys your awesome for taking this quiz. Thanks.

Let's see if you are fabulously fantasticly beautiful! Don't worry. It's just a quiz! I worked really hard on this so I know you'll love it! Thanks! See you in like jwo seconds when you go q the first question!!

Created by: fluffywaffle
  1. What collor is your hair?
  2. What collor are your eyes?
  3. How thin are you?
  4. What is the shape of your face?
  5. How tall are you?
  6. What collors do you like to ware?
  7. Do you have zits? Be honest.
  8. What do your eyelashes look like?
  9. Do you think your beautiful?
  10. Do you wear glasses?

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Quiz topic: Epic how beautiful am I quiz!