why dont you guys like one direction?

okay shoot, try to bring me down, i dont care, i deserve an explanation, i could go on all day why i love them and if you didnt take the quiz and went straight to the comments, you will be terribly confused

okay, that last one was just a rumor, so please, dont get angry with me, plus my good friend introduced me to such a rumor, so respect myself and dont say anything if you think its false plus i dont want any trouble

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. i mean, i dont mean thins in a mean or negative way
  2. i love one direction, personally i think all the guys are sweet, i like all the messages the boys send in the songs
  3. i like their personalities
  4. and i understand they use auto tune, but they still sound good with out it too, you guys say "auto tune are for people with no talent" but if you ever hard them without autotune you could hear they sound good without it too
  5. i also understand their songs get over played, why just not switch the radio? the station? select your own playlist on your i pod. its not their fault everybody request the song, everybody wants to hear it
  6. and people say they thing "one direction is gay" no they arent, they are simply straight, and they are all like brothers, its not their fault they are more comfortable doing things regular guys do, like me, i am not afraid to say i wouldnt mind sharing a bed with my friends, doesnt mean i am bisexual or lesbian, it means that we are close
  7. and the only ones are accaptable is "they just arent my type of music" or " i dont like the fact that they use auto tune" because i understand some people dont like auto tune
  8. and for the people who hate on harry, sending out disrespectiful things, you are a vile human being, mostly because he didnt do nothing personally to hurt you, he doesnt even know you. just because you dont like his music diesnt mean you have to walk around putting down his feelings.
  9. again, i mean no harm i have the right to express my feelings, and im doing it in a nice way, if you are a mean person, please dont put any hateful things, because i didnt do anything harmful to you, dont do anything youll regret. im just saying how i love them, im mostly putting this out cause the video on youtube of harry crying over the hate messages
  10. no, i am not a crazed fan, that walks around, yelling for one direction, accually i sdmit, before i hate done direction, cause all i heard was what makes you beautiful ,and i heard the other songs and i looked at all their personalities and i realized they are beautiful, and you know what the hate has done? i heard rumors harry started to starve himself, even if it is just an rumor. its bad that even got out
  11. all due and respect i will not respond to the vile comments, only the ones that are reasoning why or agreeing

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