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  • Whos your Godly parent? (Percy Jackson)
    Your Result: Apollo 88%

    You are a demigod child of Apollo. God of art, music, poetry, archery, prophecy and the sun. You are extremely skilled in art, poetry, crafts or music and you are an expert archer. You are able to curse people to only speak in rhymes and you have natural healing abilities. You can also control sound waves and have a limited form of precognition. Some of your siblings include Will Solace and Austin Lake.

    55% Hephaestus
    48% Demeter
    34% Dionysus
    31% Zeus
    29% Poseidon
    26% Aphrodite
    22% Athena
    19% Hades
    17% Ares

    Love this! It should be one of the most popular, very good :p

    Sarah Louise