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  • traditional wedding dress at a church ok wow and the title is misleading

    Shoes Jul 14 '18, 10:12PM
  • I don’t get married

    Soku Apr 20 '18, 8:17PM
  • aparently i will never get married and i dont want to?
    that really wasn't accurate nor did it tell me who i will marry. In honesty i didn't like this quiz at all.

    shine4love4hope Jun 10 '16, 11:51PM
  • it hurts to single

    whitewolf73 May 6 '16, 1:46PM
  • How am I meant to be happy single?? I will die of loneliness and jealousy. :(

    SuperMinecraft Apr 11 '16, 4:33PM
  • I agree what you said below deadbush123 I got the same result as you and being single sucks!!. Also hi from 2016 and here in 2016 we have new things such as Adult diapers which is very comfy and we also have deadbush123 he is just below me. And also this quiz didn't tell me WHO will I marry :'(

    Deadbush123 Feb 1 '16, 11:10AM
  • So I will never get married but I'll be happy being single??? NO!! THAT IS NOT GOD'S PLAN FOR ME YOU LIL PUNK!!!

    Deadbush123 Feb 1 '16, 11:07AM
  • How come every married quiz I take gives me the exact same result???? Also hi from 2016.

    Deadbush123 Jan 12 '16, 2:48PM
  • No offense, I think this quiz is a piece of s---. It looks like a 4 year old made it.
    1.) none of the questions match the title
    2.) the results don't even match
    3.) Learn the difference between 'will' and Who'.
    4.) I hope this quiz will die in a fire.
    I want whoever made this to try again but don't ever make one like this. It made me want to jab my eyes out. Sorry, thats just my input.

    sademogirl Oct 16 '15, 7:37AM
  • I don't wanna get married.

    shorthairgirl Jun 3 '14, 2:06AM
  • I agree with what has been said below. You need to check your spelling properly, and you need to title your quiz according to your questions. The results cannot possibly be accurate, as the questions don't help to detain 'who' the quiz-taker will marry.

    @Thunder_Swift I know many, many twelve year old girls that can spell better than this. Perhaps this person is seven or eight?

    vulturemonem Dec 21 '13, 7:00AM
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    Karen, UK

    anonuonymous Nov 14 '13, 12:48AM
  • This looks like a quiz made by a kid or a 12 year-old girl...

    Thunder_Swift Aug 11 '13, 12:31AM
  • well done you got 78%


    never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best.

    .-. ... -(^_^ )- Im a single man what can I say.

    Roonewarfare Jul 23 '13, 2:41PM
  • (1)Go to school, and learn how to spell.
    (2) it says "WHO" will you marry not "WILL" you get married
    (3) this quiz is horrible.

    Voldemort11 Jun 10 '13, 4:15PM
  • crap

    ilovechocolate May 30 '13, 2:26AM
  • Beach house;Boyfriend;Tra ditional.....iz all good xp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vanna Marie Apr 29 '13, 9:44PM
  • 0_o who do i marry?

    lamblambandsophi Apr 4 '13, 3:46PM
  • this is stupid. it said who will you marry not are you going to marry. this quiz sucks...and btw go back to kindergarden so you can learn how to spell.

    shanahogan2011 Mar 30 '13, 2:57PM
  • You don't even see another result. This thing is rigged.

    kay625kay Mar 18 '13, 7:16PM
  • This is the most stupidest quiz I've taken it's not truth full and next time do better. >:(

    Michael100 Feb 22 '13, 4:18PM
  • Really? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get married! It says I'm happy alone but if I'm all alone in a house with no family or anything what's the point of living? So this quiz is wrong and so stupid!

    chocolate127 Jan 27 '13, 10:42PM

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