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  • I agree with what has been said below. You need to check your spelling properly, and you need to title your quiz according to your questions. The results cannot possibly be accurate, as the questions don't help to detain 'who' the quiz-taker will marry.

    @Thunder_Swift I know many, many twelve year old girls that can spell better than this. Perhaps this person is seven or eight?

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  • I'm not happy single... This is a lie! Lol.

    Nah, I will be married, have one adoped child, a large house on fifty acres with llamas and gorgeous Friesian and Arabian horses. I have connections ;D

    I am not sure if my modeling career will kick off, but I hope soo!!

  • -never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best.-

    That was the STUPIDEST answer ever, considering that I said I was with someone, so obviously that makes me NOT single.

    Ugh, seriously. If you're going to make a quiz, at least do it properly.

  • No offense, I think this quiz is a piece of s---. It looks like a 4 year old made it.

    1.) none of the questions match the title
    2.) the results don't even match

    3.) Learn the difference between 'will' and Who'.

    4.) I hope this quiz will die in a fire.

    I want whoever made this to try again but don't ever make one like this. It made me want to jab my eyes out. Sorry, thats just my input.

  • Hello first of all here's my opinion you are obviously ten or under because you can not. Spell anything I mean your spelling is really bad and so were your quiz answers you have to know how to spell to create quiz so please do me a favor and learn how spell then create a quiz..

  • Stay single...hmm. Well this is not the first time for me to hear that answer. Not disagreeing either. At my age ( mid-50's), i'm kinda glad to hear this. Or am I just considered a hus-been! What ever the case I'm willing to single...ups and downs are a part of my single happy life.

  • I agree what you said below deadbush123 I got the same result as you and being single sucks!!. Also hi from 2016 and here in 2016 we have new things such as Adult diapers which is very comfy and we also have deadbush123 he is just below me. And also this quiz didn't tell me WHO will I marry :'(

  • I am not happy being single, its lonely. However i don't want someone to think they can tell me what i can and cannot do, i am my own person i can think for myself. Hell nevermind as long as i can have sex from time to time and have good friends, single is not so bad.

  • Really? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get married! It says I'm happy alone but if I'm all alone in a house with no family or anything what's the point of living? So this quiz is wrong and so stupid!

  • Who are you to tell me how Im gonna get married!! And all you people don't get mad at this random person even tho their quiz stunk, just calm down and sign up 4 some anger management classes! LOL:-P B-)

  • This quiz sucks donkey bauls. I don't even want to get married and I am asexual. Never had those options, and it says I would like to have a traditional marriage? How about no marriage?

  • well done 047%-10047%?????

    y ou will probally have a traditional wedding in a church. big white dress for the bride. a best man bridesmaids, flower girls the works. have fun!

    lol. am i the only one who get this weird result than others? oh well...i ain't gonna marry in church. haha. i'm surprised...i should get that 'u should stay single' result..lmao.

  • Come on maybe she did hit the wrong button there's no reason to be mean like no one forced you to click this quiz and it didn't stink I liked it so u need 2 stop being haters toards ths person

  • This was the wackiest mess ever. The choices were very poor. Who created this site; a 7 year old????? Grammatical errors, bouncing all off the wall, come on who waste money on such tackiness as this. If I had to get married according to this site, I rather say single.

  • Well done you got a 75%

    Never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best.

    Uh, I'm already married... and I hated being single when I was!! Lol. This quiz is kinda stupid.

  • This is kind of dumb.. I clearly wrote that I am in a relationship right now and it said i was single. I know it's just for fun, but it would be better if it were somewhat realistic.

  • I don't wanna stay single! Seriously! Did everyone get that answer? I'm just a 14 year old who hasn't been in any real relationships! What the heck?!

  • this quiz was dumb, because te result had nothing to do with my answers, because i plan on marrying a really special guy that I know! Even thogh I'm still young, so when I get older than 26 or something.

  • I'm not going to stay single thankyou very much!Just cause I don't have sex every weekend doesn't mean I won't meet that special someone.

  • well done 066%-10066%?????

    never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best.

    WORST QUIZ I have EVER taken. Learn to spell little kid. Obviously whoever made this quiz hasn't done "it" LMAO

  • Mine says to never get married that I'm happy single. But I haven't been single for over 5 years! And I've been married for almost 2 years. Hmm....interesting. ...

  • wtf,

    i got that one wher it said i shuld stay single im happy single an all dat s---,

    some body got one that said your mad you will probally marry your cat or dog. your stupid mental age of a 4 year old.you probally fancy that girl that works at the corner shop!

    i think thats pretty stupid too,
    w/e hu eva made dis quiz,
    ur a friken idiot yah know dat
    nobody beleive dis quiz its foolish

  • Curse this stupid quiz!!! I'm so getting married to my crush. He's so nice and cool, what junk that I'm not getting married. 56 percent means no marriage!!!

  • <div style="width: 320px; border: 1px solid gray; padding: 6px; font: normal 12px arial, verdana, sans-serif; color: black; background-color: white;"><b style="color: black; font: bold 20px 'Times New Roman', serif; display: block; margin-bottom: 8px;">well done 075%-10075%?????</b > <div style="width: 200px; background: white; border: 1px solid black; text-align: left;"><div style="width: 75%; background: red; font-size: 8px; line-height: 8px;">&nbsp ;</div></div><p style="margin: 10px; border: none; background: white; color: black;">never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best.<br><br><b><a href="http://www.go toquiz.com/who_will _you_marry_5" style="color: blue;">who will you marry?</a><br><a href="http://www.go toquiz.com/" style="color: blue;">Take More Quizzes</a></b></p> </div>


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