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  • Um... I thought this was a quiz on who you should marry, not if you will get married.

    wishfulthinker Jan 9 '13, 8:23PM
  • Can't u tell that everybody hates ur test it's so fake ur a joke seriously ur like eight cause u can't spell at all btw ur a horrible speller

    Critic16 Jan 6 '13, 11:15AM
  • Hello first of all here's my opinion you are obviously ten or under because you can not. Spell anything I mean your spelling is really bad and so were your quiz answers you have to know how to spell to create quiz so please do me a favor and learn how spell then create a quiz..

    Critic16 Jan 6 '13, 11:11AM
  • dont want to get married?!?!?!...nev er will?!?!wtf...f*** you charlie

    XXBunnyXX Jan 3 '13, 3:34AM
  • It told me to stay single..Noo way. This quiz wasn't for me. ^^;

    heartshapedbones Dec 27 '12, 2:18PM
  • forever alone...

    VAMPxKITTY Dec 23 '12, 10:59PM
  • a[no urls]%. stay single? :*( I sorta hope not. I've always hoped to marry young, but...I guess whenever God brings my future husband along.:) I'll wait for him.

    Unexpected Oct 28 '12, 6:48PM
  • this is kind of gross. It says I'm gonna be single.


    chopinssonata Sep 24 '12, 5:17PM
  • shut up im doing it with my wife in the future and im makin a baby bull @!*$!

    wolf75677 Sep 24 '12, 1:31AM
  • i hate this test it sucks and it is gross

    anabelle Aug 25 '12, 5:47PM
  • GRRR! I may hate males now, but I kinda want a spouse

    I don't wanna be single

    Birdstream Aug 18 '12, 2:14PM
  • I am going to stay single.....that's quite depressing. :'(

    hazzaforeva Aug 15 '12, 8:07PM
  • 80% Never get married, OK deal!! LOL

    hannm Aug 13 '12, 3:53PM
  • This quiz sucked...

    aliciafh81 Jul 24 '12, 10:29AM
  • Single! What?!! 8-O

    Hailey Jul 21 '12, 1:55PM
  • :)

    josellarodrigue Jul 16 '12, 10:52PM
  • Stay single...hmm. Well this is not the first time for me to hear that answer. Not disagreeing either. At my age ( mid-50's), i'm kinda glad to hear this. Or am I just considered a hus-been! What ever the case I'm willing to single...ups and downs are a part of my single happy life.

    tipcha62 Jul 9 '12, 8:06AM
  • I would'nt be so happy single! I would be like a raisin... Nice try on this quiz... -_____________-

    fatii96 Jul 6 '12, 3:21PM
  • never get married your happy single. but thats not to say you cant look for a good time keep your eyes open and look your best. awwww im not going to be happy single!!!!!!!

    kitothecool Jul 2 '12, 12:53AM
  • PeetasBiggestFan

    i so agree...this quiz sucks

    imEmo100 Jun 12 '12, 5:55PM
  • wtf? this quiz is wrong it says ill always be single wtf? im going out with someone right now O_O just because i havent had sex yet jeeze

    PeetasBiggestFan Jun 7 '12, 4:57PM
  • well done you got 16%
    your mad you will probally marry your cat or dog. your stupid mental age of a 4 year old.you probally fancy that girl that works at the corner shop!

    Go f--- yourself.

    ZombieUnicorn Jun 6 '12, 9:40PM

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