Who Killed Katie Williams? part 4

I hoped you like all of my stories. If i get 10 or more comments i will do a series. Please comment and rate. thank you so much!!!! Thats all i have to say.

Stay tune for part 5. Will you die? Will you find out who the killer is? Please comment and rate. I hope you liked all of my stories. 10 or more comments ill make a series.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. It's okay, your dreaming... well day dreaming. The person with the knife is in your parnets room!
  2. They close the door behind them.
  3. All you heard is screaming
  4. All you heard is screaming
  5. You wake up. You run to your parnets room. Their not there. Where are they? you wonder.Are they dead?
  6. You look at the clock, it's 4:00 in the morning. You decide to go back to sleep. Of course you start dreaming.
  7. You see someone dragging your parnets to the basement. Then they burn their bodies.
  8. You wake up and its 9:30. You call Michael but noone answers. You call Megan and noone answers.
  9. Then you hear someone call your name. Where is the voice coming from? "Annie". Who is that?
  10. You go down stairs. You froze in shock. Someone is in your house! But who? Did they kill katie, did they kill michael, did they kill megan, did they kil anjelica, did they kill jake,did they kill james,did they kill jay,did they kill kalya, did they kill your parnets? But the most important question of all........
  11. Are they going to kill you?

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