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in this quiz, you will get to know what the one direction band members are really like inside. you will get to see which one you are most alike!!!!!!!

have you ever wondered which one direction band member you are most alike? until now, you could only wonder. but now, you have the oppurtunity to find out in this quiz!!!!!!

Created by: alicia

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  1. if your ex calls you and asks you to a movie, you...
  2. if a friend asks you what you are looking for in a guy, you would say...
  3. what would you do if a hot guy asked you out, but you knew he was a jerk?
  4. what would a perfect date be with your dream guy?
  5. what would a turn-off on a guy be?
  6. what would a turn-on for a guy be?
  7. if a guy bumps into you, you would...
  8. how would you like a guy to ask you out?
  9. what would be inappropriate for a guy to do an a date?
  10. you ask your mom and dad to go to the movies they say no. your reaction is...

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