YouTuber Boy Band Boyfriend Quiz

The YouTube boy band features some of the hottest Brit YouTubers out there (plus a South African sl*t). With dreamboat looks rivalling those of One Direction, these guys are definitely some of the most desirable Internet stars out there.

This quiz will answer one all important question: which one of these boy band members is the guy for you? Who are you best suited for? It's all about you!

Created by: Micki
  1. You open up Netflix and decide to binge watch a new series. You pick...
  2. Your favourite non-British YouTuber is...
  3. Favourite Netflix drama?
  4. Your main current jam?
  5. Favourite throwback artist/band?
  6. Dream date?
  7. Favourite feature?
  8. Favourite type of YouTube videos?
  9. Favourite kind of movies?
  10. Most used social media app?

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