Which Kaiser Chief are you most like?

Kaiser Chiefs are a rack band from Yorkshire, England, and my favourite band. They are known for songs like "I Predict a Riot" and "Ruby". However, they each have very different personalities and features, from Peanut with his quirky dress sense and hats to Nick, who is more into his appearance and apples.

Wonder which Kaiser Chief you are most like? Who does your personality most match? Is it Ricky, Nick, Simon, Peanut or Whitey? Take this quiz and find out who you really are . . .

Created by: Kate of MySpace
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  1. I love eating fruit.
  2. I would love to crowd-surf.
  3. I am very musical.
  4. I am good with computers
  5. I enjoy a nice cup of tea.
  6. I like riding bikes and BMX bikes.
  7. I love guitars.
  8. I love football, a lot.
  9. I am always hogging the spotlight and like to talk a lot.
  10. I like to watch crime dramas or go out to the pub.
  11. I am easily frustrated and need comfort things to calm down.
  12. I talk a lot about boring things.
  13. I like beanie hats and leather jackets.
  14. I enjoy being different, with odd clothes and a nickname.
  15. I wear tight jeans, or turn-up jeans.
  16. I look after myself and my hair and my clothes and shave regularly (if I'm male).
  17. I am at the front in photos.
  18. I have a good education and am rather clever.
  19. I am left-handed.
  20. I'm funny to talk to and be around.
  21. I am energetic and enjoy myslef while performing.
  22. I am tall.
  23. I am regarded as sexy.

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Quiz topic: Which Kaiser Chief am I most like?