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  • Your Result: niall horan

    resultniall horan states in an interview, "She has to be someone I can have a laugh with. I'm torn between blondes and brunettes, though both can be very nice. It doesn't really bother me. Anyone who is funny and doesn't take herself too seriously is attractive to me. I like a girl who understands my eating habit, knows how to make me laugh, and is cute. I randomly finds it attractive when a girl sneezes and I like to play with girls hair. I don't like girls who act stupid on purpose and I think intelligence is sexy. I like someone who can take a bit of a banter, have a laugh, and who likes the same things as me - if you go out with me you have to want to come to a football match. I support Derby County and I always have. I like the natural look."

    i rated this quiz 10 stars.

  • yO! I got Harry Styles; that was predictable =/

  • Loved it! Great work! =D

  • Yuck! Liam? I don't like him! :P

  • hehe I got Louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    Degrassi girl
  • i hope that u all take my quiz and that u enjoy it! love ya like a sista!


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