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  • Your Result: Russel

    Russel is, quite frankly, the rock of Gorillaz. When times are troubling for you, you still manage to plough ahead and remain productive -- even if you don't feel like it! This remarkable life skill makes you a veritable human tank when the going gets tough, and it can safely be said that you put your values before your emotions. You're not about feelings, you're about ideas; morals; ethics. More than the other personality types, you're concerned with (perhaps obsessed with) the concept of internal balance. You have no patience for people with shady values or ulterior motives. This desire to seek out justice in all that you do, think, and say might just save the world someday. You like to sort through your options with a collected demeanor, link up all of the details, and make a decision based upon a lot of research. You'd probably make a great general; or at the very least, you were a great test-taker in school! You handle conflicts swiftly and strife amongst friends greatly upsets you. Your desire for internal balance oftentimes spills into your social life in this way. Whatever you do, don't fight it; they need your logical guidance more than they may let on. GOOD CAREER OPTIONS FOR A RUSSEL-TYPE * Author * Mechanic * Parent

  • Your Result: 2-D

    Fun-loving and warm-hearted, 2-D is the very appropriate "face" of Gorillaz. It can be misleading to those who are unable to see past your happy-go-lucky and amicable exterior, but your good social skills hint at a genuinely good nature, and the desire to understand and appreciate everyone for who they are. Calm waters run deep, as the saying goes. While you're certainly comfortable staying inside and having a quiet day at home, you feel just as happy going out and painting the town red with a busload of friends. It all depends on the company that you happen to be spending time with. Water fits perfectly into whatever container it's poured into, and likewise, you have the fantastic ability to get along with anyone and everyone -- even if they're not particularly nice to you in return! Be careful of people who are looking to exploit you, however. If life were one big game of chess, you would constantly be losing. The truly nice thing about that, though, is that you wouldn't care. GOOD CAREER OPTIONS FOR A 2-D-TYPE * Salesman * Primary school teacher * Shopping mall Santa Claus

  • As the enigmatic and impulsive rapper-from-beyond, Del is easily the most whimsical "member" of Gorillaz. You are a muse, through and through. No doubt your wardrobe is as varied and colorful as you are. You enjoy a good prank, a good joke, and basically anything that brings mirth. Some people can see you as detached, and perhaps even find your lack of seriousness cruel at times. But hey, you're just trying to have a good time. You may initially be hurt that others don't understand you, but in all honesty, you don't expect for anyone to understand you except for your closest friends. Though to say that you have a playful streak would be an understatement, you do have a more concrete purpose, and that is to influence. You have great people skills, and recognize people's strengths and weaknesses. You find it your responsibility to let people know that they are valuable to the world. The sooner everyone is feeling good about themselves, after all, the sooner everyone can go out and have a good time together. GOOD CAREER OPTIONS FOR A DEL-TYPE * Negotiator * DJ * Stand-up comedian

  • Yes i am. I live next to the zoo and see gorillas all the time. Thius a silly question. Anyone with a brain would know that we live in the same universe as gorillas.

  • I got Russel. Russel is cool as well, right?

  • i got 2D in one quiz but i took this quiz (which is a different quiz) to find out i was 2D again

    were all humans
  • russel!


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