Who are you from The Werewolf Saga?

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The books of Steven E. Wedel's The Werewolf Saga are filled with a variety of characters with many different traits. Some are kind, some cruel, some find holiness in nature and some believe there is no god. All, however, have positive and negative qualities, just like real people.

In this quiz you'll get to answer questions about yourself. When it's all done and the computer gears finish spinning and circuits stop popping, you'll get to see which Werewolf Saga character you are most like.

Created by: MoonHowler

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  1. You place a great deal of faith in prophecies.
  2. You have strong religious beliefs.
  3. You work best when you are told exactly what to do.
  4. You believe violence is an acceptable means of getting what you want.
  5. You are a shy person.
  6. Do you think Nature is holy?
  7. You believe your legacy to the world are your children.
  8. You believe in a strong, centralized form of government.
  9. You would give up your life for a cause.
  10. You believe it is acceptable for one person to act as judge, jury, and executioner.
  11. If given the chance to become a werewolf, I'm positive I'd never have any regrets.

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Quiz topic: Who am I from The Werewolf Saga?