Which Kitsu Saga discipline do you follow?

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In Kitsu Saga there are eight disciplines to chose from and finding one you like is often a process of trial and error. In attempt to help save some time for new players I created this quiz.

Where do you stand in the fight against the Golden Dharma King? Will you be the one to slay him with your own hands, or will you be the savior of those who tempt fate but fall short with only their own strength?

Created by: Cobrikhan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Why did you become a disciple?
  2. On the battlefield you are...
  3. What is your elemental affinity?
  4. When not training or fulfilling your duty you can often be found:
  5. The spirits of the world are...
  6. What makes you powerful in battle?
  7. In what type of battle do you shine?
  8. You train yourself to be...
  9. You like to be...
  10. In other MMO's I enjoyed playing:

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Quiz topic: Which Kitsu Saga discipline do I follow?