How well do you know the Warrior's Saga

Have you ever read a warriors book thinking I know alout I think I need to be put to the test well here you go . Introducing the warriors Saga quiz

Are you ready to to take the ultimate warriors cats quiz to see how much you really know are you ready to put your brain to the test . Great let us begin!!

Created by: Taylor
  1. What was Blue Stars warrior name
  2. Who is Fire Star's Mate
  3. How did Gray Stripe die?
  4. Who are Fire Stars kits
  5. How many Cats travelled to the Sun-Drown Place
  6. What is River Clans main food source
  7. How does Cinder Pelt die
  8. Who was Firestar's friend when he was a Kitty Pet
  9. Who really killed Spotted Leaf
  10. What was the Medicine Cat rule
  11. Who is Hawk Frost's Father

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Warrior's Saga