Ether Saga Class Quiz

This quiz is for those who have trouble in choosing their class for Ether Saga. This quiz should help steer you in a direction for the class you might like end game.

Welcome to the Ether Saga Quiz, take a load off, clear your mind and answer each and every one of these questions as truthfully truthful can truly be

Created by: OmegaBlast
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  1. In a team you are fighting your way through a dungeon, boss and stuff like that. What would your role be?
  2. What do you fancy in a fight?
  3. In a duel how would you like to take down your opponent
  4. A friend of yours is about to go kaput in the battle field what do you do?
  5. What leveling speed would you like?
  6. Which of these appeal to you out of the listed
  7. Pick an Attribute
  8. Which do you prefer
  9. In Mass Player Versus Player combat, what is your role
  10. You are doing your quests minding your business when all of a sudden, you see a red name player, they see you and start chasing after you, what do you do?

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