Which WWE Superstar best fits your personality?

There are many WWE Superstars that we can relate to, but are there any superstars that we are similar to? Have you ever wondered who you would be if you were a WWE Superstar? Well wonder no more, as this quiz will tell you exactly that.

Remember to be honest and try and resist the temptation to answer questions in the way that you think will gain you the outcome of your favourite superstar as this would make your participation in this quiz meaningless.

Created by: Ricky
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How shy would you say you were?
  2. How ambitious are you and how much does your career mean to you?
  3. How accomplished are you?
  4. Do you often defy the odds?
  5. Do you often defy the odds?
  6. How are you socially?
  7. What time of wrestling style would you invoke?
  8. How are you with the ladies?
  9. Do your emotions get the better of you?
  10. Do you have respect for your peers?

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Quiz topic: Which WWE Superstar best fits my personality?